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Cataloging Manual

This manual is a living document and will contain all information pertinent to the SWAN bibliographic catalog and cataloging tasks in one place. This document will later be divided into smaller pieces to replace the documentation below, both of which will be kept updated. Check back here often for updates.

SWAN Cataloging Manual (Updated: 2/1/2018)

Cataloging Overview

Symphony Cataloging (slides) 02/2015

Pre-Cats for Audiovisual Materials (PowerPoint) 11/2017

Cataloging Tasks

Adding call number and item records 03/2015

Adding item records 03/2015

Call numbers 04/2015

Batch Deletions Using Discard User 03/2015

Creating a Pre-Cat 04/2018

Creating Records for Streaming Players and E-Readers 08/2017

Label Printing 04/2015

On order items 04/2015

Searching in WorkFlows 11/2016

System users 04/2015

Creating Templates for Pre-cats using the Duplicate Title Wizard 02/2018

SmartPort Procedures 02/2017

Local Practices

SWAN Local Practices at a Glance 01/2018

Cataloging Practice for Volume Information 06/2016

Serial call number standards

Terminology to Use in 590 Field  03/2017

590 Vocabulary Quick Reference 08/2017

Weekly Serial Records for 2018 10/2017

Fiction/Nonfiction Facet

Fixed Field for Literary Form (Fiction/Nonfiction) 08/2016 -- How to account for the Fiction/Nonfiction facet in pre-cats.

The Fiction/Nonfiction Facet: The Basics and Pre-Cat Creation 01/2017 -- A description of the basics of how the facet is populated.

The Fiction/Nonfiction Facet: A Closer Look 01/2017 -- A more detailed account of the behind-the-scenes workings of the facet. Recommended for those with cataloging background.


Duplicate Title Wizard 03/2015

Global Item Modification Wizard 03/2015

Item Search and Display Wizard

Label Designer Wizard 04/2015

Modify Title Wizard 03/2015

Transfers Wizard 11/2016


Excel Pivot Tables 07/2015

Print Item Options 06/2015

Running Reports 06/2015

Types of Reports 07/2015


Catalog Request Form 01/2013