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Cataloging Overview

Symphony Cataloging (slides) 02/2015

Pre-Cats for Audiovisual Materials (PowerPoint) 11/2017

Cataloging Tasks

Adding call number and item records 03/2015

Adding item records 03/2015

Call numbers 04/2015

Batch Deletions Using Discard User 03/2015

Creating a Pre-Cat 12/2016

Creating Records for Streaming Players and E-Readers 08/2017

Label Printing 04/2015

On order items 04/2015

Searching in WorkFlows 11/2016

System users 04/2015

Templates for Pre-cats 04/2015

SmartPort Procedures 02/2017

Local Practices

SWAN Local Practices at a Glance 01/2018

Cataloging Practice for Volume Information 06/2016

Serial call number standards

Terminology to Use in 590 Field  03/2017

590 Vocabulary Quick Reference 08/2017

Weekly Serial Records for 2018 10/2017

Fiction/Nonfiction Facet

Fixed Field for Literary Form (Fiction/Nonfiction) 08/2016 -- How to account for the Fiction/Nonfiction facet in pre-cats.

The Fiction/Nonfiction Facet: The Basics and Pre-Cat Creation 01/2017 -- A description of the basics of how the facet is populated.

The Fiction/Nonfiction Facet: A Closer Look 01/2017 -- A more detailed account of the behind-the-scenes workings of the facet. Recommended for those with cataloging background.


Duplicate Title Wizard 03/2015

Global Item Modification Wizard 03/2015

Item Search and Display Wizard

Label Designer Wizard 04/2015

Modify Title Wizard 03/2015

Transfers Wizard 03/2015


Excel Pivot Tables 07/2015

Print Item Options 06/2015

Running Reports 06/2015

Types of Reports 07/2015


Catalog Request Form 01/2013


Cataloging Users Group Meeting 7/14/15