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Library Director Information

Welcome Directors!

Here's a short overview of information about SWAN, including resources and reminders. If you have other questions or would like to schedule a visit from the Executive Director, Library Relations Specialist, or SWAN support staff, email for assistance. 


Member Benefits from SWAN

  1. Support for most SWAN related hardware and telecommunications issues. SWAN staff run and maintain Integrated Library System (ILS) servers, including software application, data security, backup, and the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).
  2. Centralized printing and distribution of a variety of reports including daily circulation notices and monthly circulation statistics.  Other reports can be requested. 
  3. Software helpdesk services and training.  Included in these services are workshops, documentation, consulting, and parameter set-up and maintenance.
  4. Centralized cataloging for most SWAN libraries, where the integrity of the SWAN bibliographic database as a whole is managed.
  5. Centralized debiting and crediting for Reciprocal Borrowing and Interlibrary Loan losses occurring between SWAN libraries.   In addition, SWAN will bill any other ILLINET library for your materials lost by reciprocal borrowers.


SWAN Governance

The SWAN organization incorporated as an independent organization in 2010. The board for SWAN is comprised of seven library directors elected from the SWAN membership.

More information on the SWAN Board and Governance can be found here.

Information regarding SWAN Member Policies can be found here


SWANcom email distribution list

Subscribe to SWANcom for the lastest SWAN news Here.


SWAN Catalog: 


Symphony WorkFlows and SIP2 Logins for your library


Members-Only SWAN Information & Resources

The members only documents throughout this website contain proprietary information and require a login and password. SWAN member library staff use their L2 ( ) information to login and access the proprietary information. SWAN members can also join the SWAN mailing list, SWANcom.

  • Why do I need a password to access the SWAN “Members Only” web page?

          All SWAN “Members Only” information (such as the SWAN Administrators’ Quarterly Meeting packet) is PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL between Reaching Across Illinois Library System and the SWAN membership, and should not be shared in any format outside of RAILS without express approval.  Other examples, which include but are not limited to strategic decisions when deciding among products or vendors, purchasing agreements, meeting notes, certain financials, etc., are PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL among RAILS and SWAN members.

         Further, and as stated by legal contract between Innovative Interfaces, Inc. and RAILS on behalf of SWAN members, information and documentation such as purchase agreements, price quotations, system documentation, training methods, and correspondence (i.e., just about everything!) are PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL.

  • How do I access the SWAN password-protected web pages?

          You can access the documents by logging in from main web page; click on Login in the upper right-hand corner of the page.  When the window pops up, fill in your  L2 user name (email) and password, check the “Remember My Password” box, and press enter.  You will be logged in and permitted "Members Only" access.

  • Library Learning (L2) Account Creation and Maintenance

           For information on creating and maintenance of on L2 account, please see the RAILS website


Database Group Purchases

Find information and documents for the Proquest: Chicago Tribune and the larger FY2012 Group Purchase Here.


SWAN Pricing

Libraries interested in joining SWAN will need to contact Aaron Skog, the Executive Director of SWAN.


SWAN Statistics

Monthly Statistics for SWAN member libraries can be found Here.


 Electronic Subscriptions

Libraries are required to give SWAN at least one month’s notice when individual libraries or groups of libraries plan a subscription to an electronic resource service and wish to have the bibliographic records for the respective titles represented in SWAN.  Libraries must fill out the Request for Electronic Subscription form before SWAN can proceed.

If a group of libraries plans such a subscription, one of the libraries should be designated as the contract library with SWAN staff.

Libraries should never sign a contract with a vendor until SWAN staff has signed off on the vendor’s format and network security procedures. 

What is RAILS?

The Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS) is one of two multitype regional library systems in the state. The membership of RAILS includes academic, public, school, and special libraries.  You can visit their website at

RAILS provides delivery service to support Illinois’ vast interlibrary loan program, technology support for more than 600 libraries’ shared online catalogs, and Talking Book Services that serve persons with visual or physical disabilities who cannot read conventional print material.

The RAILS service area covers northern and western Illinois. The system serves more than 1,500 private, public, school, and university library members, representing more than 3,700 library facilities in a 27,000 square mile area. Although the city of Chicago is within RAILS' boundaries, and a number of RAILS member libraries are located in Chicago, the Chicago Public Library constitutes a separate library system.

RAILS is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by member libraries.

Library systems are established by state law (75 ILCS 10/, the Illinois Library System Act). Funding for Illinois Library Systems is provided through the Illinois State Library and the Secretary of State, with funds appropriated by the Illinois General Assembly. RAILS was formed in 2011, through the merger of the Alliance, DuPage, Metropolitan, North Suburban, and Prairie Area library systems.

RAILS Delivery

Delivery is provided free of charge to all RAILS member libraries. To find a library's delivery code, or to identify the library associated with a specific code, search the RAILS Member Directory.

Delivery routing labels (sticky labels) can be ordered on the RAILS website  free of charge.   

Under our resource sharing policy, RAILS van delivery service will deliver the following items:

  1. Library materials, defined as items that are classified, cataloged, and available for loan.
  2. Items sent out from RAILS, the Illinois State Library (ISL), or the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS).

RAILS will not deliver:

  1. Items that are individually addressed and can be mailed via the U.S. Postal Service.
  2. Library newsletters which may be mailed, exchanged at networking group meetings, or obtained online.
  3. Bulk items intended for distribution to the public.

All other items will be delivered at the discretion of the RAILS staff.

For more information regarding RAILS Delivery Services, please visit their website at