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New Libraries Seeking SWAN Membership

Click to see full infographicLibraries from LINC and MAGIC are considering joining SWAN. How this addition would work, what current SWAN members should know, and upcoming plans can all be found on this page. See some of the recent news posts linked below, or keep scrolling to see attachments that have been shared and are now public.


Discussions with the two consortium LINC and MAGIC began in the summer of 2015 and culminated in an agreement with SWAN.

The libraries seeking SWAN membership are already using Symphony and Enterprise. They are already experienced with how library consortium work.

Off the 22 possible libraries, 19 have taken a formal step of approving the SWAN Membership Agreement. The deadline for these libraries is December 31, 2016 to decide if they wish to join SWAN.



The benefits to SWAN and to Illinois patrons are outlined in a white paper SWAN issued in September. The paper is 24 pages and provides background plus data to answer questions about annual circulation and comparing operating budgets of these libraries against the existing SWAN membership.

Link to white paper on benefits to SWAN.


The one-time costs for the migration will be supported by RAILS LLSAP grants. The grants are similar to ones used to grow SWAN's membership in the 1980's.

SWAN issued a document that details costs of the migration and what future budgets and membership fees will look like if SWAN were to grow from 78 to nearly 96 libraries.

Link to white paper on costs and budget for adding new libraries.


SWAN member library directors approve the addition of all potential new member libraries to the consortium. There will be an online vote during the month of January. The voting announcement and reminders of the vote will be sent via SWANcom.

Should the libraries be approved for membership the anticipated go-live is June 2018.


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