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OCLC for SWAN Libraries

Library Membership in SWAN Includes OCLC Membership

OCLC services are available to all libraries in SWAN. Through the Illinois state-wide group purchase, SWAN automatically enrolls all of its libraries in OCLC at no additional costs. Your library's SWAN Membership Fees include OCLC membership.

Value of OCLC WorldCat (overview of Illinois OCLC WorldCat)

Value of OCLC Group Services to Illinois Libraries (2015 letter to Illinois Library Director from OCLC Vice President)


Each year library directors or designated staff will receive the OCLC Group Services agreement from the Illinois State Library

  1. Sign and send the agreement back to the Illinois State Library as instructed
  2. No payment to the State Library or Illinois Heartland Library Services needs to be made!
  3. SWAN pays an invoice for OCLC on behalf of all libraries.



Study conducted in 2011 and the following whitepaper was issued. SWAN researched SkyRiver as an alternative bibliographic utility for cataloging.

OCLC & SkyRiver: Whitepaper for the SWAN Membership

Contact the SWAN Executive Director for more information on individual library costs, holding codes, and services within the Illinois Group Services contract.