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SWAN Fees Committee

SWAN Fees Committee (2016 - 2017)

The SWAN Board appointed a Fees Committee in 2016 to develop an updated fee structure to reflect our new software and the always-changing library world. This group first met in June of 2016 and work continues through early 2017 to develop this new model. A recommendation of a new fee structure will likely me made to the SWAN board in early 2017. This new fee structure would go into effect for a FY19 (July 2018) start, if approved.

2016 Committee Members

  • Jim Deiters, SWAN Board Treasurer
  • Doug Losey, SWAN Board Member
  • Anne Slaughter, RAILS Director of Technology/Interim Director of MAGIC (replaced by Dawne Tortorella, Director of MAGIC)
  • Aaron Skog, Executive Director of SWAN
  • Carol Dawe, Executive Director of LINC
  • Susan Westgate, MAGIC Board Treasurer
  • Tim Jarzemsky, LINC Board Treasurer

Committee charge

Meeting agendas and minutes can all be found on the official Meeting Minutes pages. 


Read the report and recommendation below.

Recommendation document (updated October 11, 2017)

Online Feedback

Through October 31, 2017 you can provide online feedback or ask questions. These will be reviewed and responded to as a group.



In December of 2016, a memo was presented to the SWAN Board sumarizing the work completed to date and various scenarios that the Fees Committee was investigating.



SWAN Fees Committee (2012)

The SWAN Fees Committee originally met from October 2011 through August 2012 and researched how to restructure SWAN's Membership Fees. It made a recommendation to SWAN Board regarding models in which to assess membership fees, and presented its final report to the SWAN member library directors at the SWAN Quarterly meeting in September 2012. 

2012 Committee Members

  • Sheila Sosnicki, SWAN Council liaison, Palos Park Public Library
  • Dee Brennan, Oak Park Public Library
  • Doug Losey, Hillside Public Library
  • Christine Kuhn, Westmont Public Library
  • Kathy McSwain, Chicago Ridge Public Library

The charge of our committee was to present a report on alternative fee structures for SWAN and make a recommendation of a fee structure to the SWAN Board in July, 2012.

  • Examine the current SWAN fees based on seven elements (the seven pillars);
  • Present existing fee structures for other library consortia;
  • Present new structures for consideration for SWAN for possible FY2014 (July 2013) start

The questions we have heard from membership are first, is this equitable? And secondly, can this formula be simplified?

Committee charge

2012 Recommendation

The Committee found:

  • Simplifying the formula does not necessarily make it equitable
  • Arriving at a more equitable formula requires more fee elements, which adds to the complexity

The Committee agreed four components should make up the SWAN 2.0 formula. Each of the four components is allocated a percentage of the total revenue budget target.

The full report can be found in a PDF document below.

Final Report

Please note that the new fee schedule within this report are not your library's FY14 fees. These fees were approved at the December 2012 SWAN Quarterly meeting by the membership and can be found on the SWAN Governance webpage.