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SWANpond is the bi-weekly newsletter that focuses on SWAN's membership and opportunities to come together and learn, improve, and share resources. You'll find member-library perspectives as we interview and visit our members, and share what's going on in our community. SWAN staff will also write guest intros to the newsletter so you can get to know us better, too. Expect to see upcoming opportunities to get involved in SWAN's user groups, committees, and other gatherings where you can engage with the membership. And we'll continue to share the latest news with links to the support website, so you'll be kept up to date with consortium activity.

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03/29/2018 - Improving SWAN Security on Apr 16th

02/21/2018 - *IMPORTANT* SWAN Server Upgrade Rescheduled (and More)

01/26/2018 - *IMPORTANT* SWAN Server Upgrade Scheduled for February 21

11/10/2017 - Member Spotlight

10/27/2017 - Submit your bond info now

09/01/2017 - Catch up on the latest news from SWAN

08/18/2017 - We'd like to hear your thoughts about this year's SWANstravaganza

08/04/2017 - Everything you need to know about this year's SWANstravaganza event!

07/21/2017 - Have you read the proposed changes to the SWAN bylaws yet?

07/07/2017 - How SWAN protects library networks and servers from security threats

06/23/2017 - Member Spotlight: Crete Public Library (YouTube video link)

06/23/2017 - Member Spotlight: Crete Public Library

06/09/2017 - Get to know Dawne Tortorella, our new Assistant Director

05/26/2017 - Registration now open for the SWANstravaganza, and more news from SWAN

05/12/2017 - Vote for the SWAN Board Election, and more news from SWAN

04/14/2017 - Details from last week's DUX event, and the latest from SWAN

03/31/2017 - Sticky notes available for auto-renewal materials, and more from SWAN

03/17/2017 - Join SWAN's team as the new Assistant Director or as a new Board member!

03/03/2017 - Communication Plans for the New 19 Migration

02/17/2017 - The March Quarterly Meeting, Enterprise Upgrades, and more news from SWAN

02/03/2017 - The Vote is in: SWAN Libraries Welcome New 19 to Membership

01/20/2017 - Oak Lawn Public Library's Experience With the Auto-Renewals Pilot

01/06/2017 - Welcome to the SWANpond

12/07/2016 - We're moving! Have you updated your address book?

11/23/2016 - What to know for the December 1 Quarterly, and more news from SWAN

11/08/2016 - Usability survey open and updated, the latest info on LINC/MAGIC library collaboration, and more

10/26/2016 - Join us on November 1 at Tinley Park Library to discuss LINC and MAGIC libraries joining SWAN

10/12/2016 - How would your patrons make the library catalog better? Our usability study will find out

09/28/2016 - Informational white paper on LINC, MAGIC libraries joining SWAN (and more!)

09/13/2016 - Changes to printed notices coming this October, and more news from SWAN

08/30/2016 - Join us on Thursday for the September Quarterly Meeting in Burr Ridge at 9:30 a.m.

08/17/2016 - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Interest in 22 Libraries joining SWAN now takes a formal step, and be sure to attend the Sept. 1 Quarterly Meeting

08/02/2016 - One month till the September Quarterly Meeting, moving plans and big projects ahead

07/19/2016 - Event details for Friday's SWANstravaganza, updated format facets in Enterprise, cataloging training, and more!

07/06/2016 - Can't-miss networking and training at 2016 SWANstravaganza event on July 22

06/21/2016 - Enterprise interface updates, open registration for July 22 Summer SWANstravaganza

06/07/2016 - A new facility, updates and added features in Enterprise, and SVA is now live

05/24/2016 - News on BLUEcloud Analytics, SWAN Library Notifications, and the June 2 Quarterly Meeting

05/10/2016 - SWAN Board Elections, Enterprise Improvements, New Libraries, and More

03/22/2016 - Your monthly news from SWAN

02/23/2016 - Your monthly news from SWAN

01/26/2016 - Your monthly news from SWAN