COVID-19 Information

As we move into a more steady service model within our consortium, any changes required for local closings or service changes, should be reported to SWAN, as outlined below. 

Updating service status

Please refer to the Library Services Listing to verify your library's service status. Any change in status or service should be submitted through the Library Status Update & Services Request Form.  

Emergency closings

If you need to close your library, system configurations need to be made to facilitate your closings. Any change in status or service should be submitted through the Library Status Update & Services Request Form.

  1. Inform SWAN of your closing dates so we can remove your library from resource sharing. 
  2. Update your Days Closed in Symphony Workflows. 
  3. Inform RAILS Delivery of your closing dates so they can stop delivery.
  4. Update your library's closings on the RAILS website.

Current state recap

The following changes are in effect until we return to full reopening of all services without restrictions:

Resource Sharing, Enterprise

  • Libraries participating in resource sharing must follow RAILS requirement of 7 3 days 24 hours 0 days quarantine of items after patron use before delivery pick-up. (3-day update by RAILS on October 26, 2020, 24-hour update by RAILS on February 24, 2021, 0 quarantine as of April 12, 2021)
  • Reciprocal borrowers, including non-SWAN patrons, can place holds in Enterprise.
  • Pick-up Anywhere service is restricted by opt-out choice. See Pick-Up Anywhere listing.
  • Enterprise banners are updated, upon request. Libraries should consider providing a direct link to library-related updates and specifics. 
  • Search default in Enterprise has been reset to All Libraries. Patrons can still filter to your library, and titles/items at your library are clearly indicated in search results.

Circulation, Notices

  • Fine free block based on days overdue is set to 21 days (normally set at 14 days).
  • Libraries using fine circulation rules will see a delay in accrual of fines for 7 days to accommodate quarantine requirements.
  • 1st Overdue notices are sent at 14 days.
  • 2nd Overdue notices are sent at 21 days.
  • Libraries wishing to extend patron profile parameters for blocking patrons can submit a help ticket.
  • Hold pick-up notices run once a day at 2:00 p.m. (Libraries can plan curbside and delivery processes to either take advantage of or avoid notifications to match your curbside procedures).
  • Unique collections processing restart requires notifying SWAN to reschedule and coordinate restart of this service (Submit a help ticket if you wish to restart patron collections processing).
  • Notice wording changes for COVID-19 are outlined on the Patron Notices & Notifications during COVID page. Notice and notification text reverted back to normal wording on Friday, April 30, 2021.

Quarantine, Curbside processing

  • Unique Curbside Communicator is provided to any SWAN library through 12/31/2020 at no additional charge. After 12/31/2020, libraries using Curbside Communicator will be billed the monthly fee ($40) through quarterly billing.
  • QUARANTINE and CURBSIDE in-house user accounts will be created upon request.