Enterprise online patron renewal button

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Enterprise will show a Renew button for patrons who's card is near expiring. This is was only supposed to show for libraries who have asked us to turn it on. It has been reported that the button is showing up across all Enterprise instances. Below is from our case with Sirsi Dynix. 

This is a known issue in Enterprise: DSC-3433. Enterprise is checking the system-wide configuration file to determine whether or not to display the Renew button, so if the configuration flag is set to "System is configured to allow online patron privilege renewal", then the button will display. The button will only work for those user profiles that have the Online Privilege Renewal option checked; for the other profiles, nothing will happen when they click the button.

This issue is being actively worked on so that the button will only display for those profiles that allow it.

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August 26, 2020 - 12:00am
This is not used by libraries and a workaround was created in Enterprise by SWAN staff if needed in the future.