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User Groups

SWAN Advisory Group Meeting agenda and documents are centrally available in Meeting Agenda & Documents.
In order to assure we have room capacity at all SWAN meetings and events, we ask that you register in advance.

Acquisitions Users Group

The Acquisitions Users Group is open to all SWAN library staff – those who currently use Acquisitions as well as those who may be interested in using this module. It is a forum for all things Acquisitions and an excellent opportunity for networking. The Group meets twice a year in April and October.

Chair: Vickie Totton, Member Services Consultants

2018 Meeting Dates:  May 24, October 24 (Requires L2 login to register)

Cataloging Advisory Group

Formerly the Cataloging Advisory Group and the OCLC Cataloging Group, in 2018 these have been combined under the name Cataloging Advisory Group. This is a council that works toward discussing and implementing necessary changes to SWAN’s cataloging standards and procedures. The group meets quarterly, and recent topics have included updates to our format controlled vocabulary, standardizing comic book cataloging, and fitting poetry and drama materials into our fiction/nonfiction search facet. Meetings will open with topics relevant to cataloging across all of SWAN (classification, item data, pre-cats, formats, etc.) and after a break will conclude with topics relevant to Cataloging Libraries (MARC, RDA, Authority Control, etc.) The group is open to any staff who wish to have a more active role in shaping the catalog to meet the changing needs of the consortium.

Chair: Scott Brandwein, Bibliographic Services Manager

Cataloging Advisory Meeting Agendas & Documents

2018 Meeting Dates: February 23, May 25, August 23, November 30

Circulation Advisory Committee

The Circulation Advisory Committee is charged with revising the SWAN Circulation Policy as needed, developing Circulation “Best Practices,” evaluating the SWAN software and any circulation enhancements. This 11-member committee may also make recommendations regarding Circulation topics to the SWAN Board upon request. Meetings are held six times a year on the third Wednesday of the month. Committee members are elected to two-year terms on a rotating basis. Everyone is invited to attend and express their opinion.

Chair: Crystal Vela

Circulation Advisory Meeting Agendas & Documents

2018 Meeting Dates: 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 (9:30 AM - 12:30 PM) 
Wednesday, March 21, 2018 (9:30 AM - 12:30 PM) 
Wednesday, May 16, 2018 (9:30 AM - 12:30 PM) 
Wednesday, July 18, 2018 (9:30 AM - 12:30 PM) 
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 (9:30 AM - 12:30 PM) 
Wednesday, November 21, 2018 (9:30 AM - 12:30 PM) 
Where: RAILS Burr Ridge Main Meeting Room / Videoconference Room (Requires L2 login)

Circulation Users Group

The Circulation User Group is a consolidation of the North and South Circulation Managers meetings. This group discusses new policies and best practices, giving managers an opportunity to network and trade Circulation-related tips and tricks. Meetings are held six times a year on the first Wednesday of the month. All Circulation Managers are invited to share their opinions.

Chair: Crystal Vela, Member Services Consultant

2018 Meeting Dates: February 21April 18June 20, August 15, October 17, December 19 (Requires L2 login to register)

Discovery & User Experience Group (DUX)

DUX supports SWAN operations by providing input on discovery configuration, including Enterprise discovery, eResource Central, mobile device search, and EBSCO Discovery Service. DUX recommends library staff training topics and contributes to the development of training tools. Members of DUX assist with research and testing new features, identifying desired enhancements and configuration changes. Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of every month. DUX is made up of nine member library staff who work with SWAN staff from all departments. All are welcome to attend meetings.

Chair: Tara Wood, UX Manager

DUX Meeting Agendas & Documents

RFID Committee

The RFID Committee acts as an extension of the Technology Users Group with the intention of bringing SWAN RFID libraries together to share information and experiences. Their ultimate goal is the standardization of RFID data models and procedures throughout the membership to ensure all systems operate harmoniously. A single representative from each RFID library is encouraged to join the group, which is scheduled to meet biannually.

Chair: Ian Nosek, System Administrator

2018 Meeting Dates: April 26th, October 25th
2017 Meeting Dates: April 27th, October 26th

L2 Library Learning Calendar: time/date/location (Requires L2 login)

RFID Committee Meeting Agendas & Documents

Serials Users Group

The Serials Users Group is open to all SWAN library staff – those who currently use Serials as well as those who may be interested in using this module. It is a forum for all things Serials and an excellent opportunity for networking. The Group meets twice a year in May and November.

Chair: Samantha Dietel, Member Services Consultant

2018 Meeting Dates:  June 28, November 29 (Requires L2 login to register)

SWANstravaganza Annual User Group Meeting and Planning Committee

Our annual user event is the summer SWANstravaganza, open to all SWAN member libraries for a day of speakers, learning sessions, training, classes, and networking with colleagues. To coordinate the day’s events, the SWANstravaganza Planning Committee meets in the months leading up to the big day to plan out session topics, the keynote speaker and the event’s theme. The committee also helps with marketing and event promotion. If you’ve ever helped plan a conference, or would like to gain experience, we welcome you to join the group.

Event Chair: Aaron Skog, Executive Director

L2 Library Learning Calendar: time/date/location (Requires L2 login)

Technology Users Group

The Technology Users Group represents all things related to Information Technology, and meets biannually to discuss emerging trends in library Information Technology and IT projects as they relate to the SWAN membership. SWANTech encourages participation by all library IT staff and contractors.

Chair: Steven Schlewitt, Information Technology Manager

SWAN Tech Meeting Agendas & Documents 

2018 Meeting Dates: March 29th, September 20th

Who Should Use SWAN Tech, the Technology Users Group for SWAN?

Welcome to the SWAN Tech website. This portion of the SWAN website is intended for SWAN library IT staff or contracted IT staff to use in conjunction or outside of the SWAN Member's Only website. Special access using a special user login and password is available through the SWAN Director's login.

SWAN Tech Email List

Available to SWAN member libraries to sign-up their IT or contracted technology staff to receive emails from SWAN related to upgrades and network issues. Subscriptions to the list require approval from SWAN staff. The list is unmoderated and can be used for discussion among the list members.

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