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Cataloging Advisory Group

Formerly the Cataloging Advisory Group and the OCLC Cataloging Group, in 2018 these have been combined under the name Cataloging Advisory Group. This is a council that works toward discussing and implementing necessary changes to SWAN’s cataloging standards and procedures. The group meets quarterly, and recent topics have included updates to our format controlled vocabulary, standardizing comic book cataloging, and fitting poetry and drama materials into our fiction/nonfiction search facet. Meetings will open with topics relevant to cataloging across all of SWAN (classification, item data, pre-cats, formats, etc.) and after a break will conclude with topics relevant to Cataloging Libraries (MARC, RDA, Authority Control, etc.) The group is open to any staff who wish to have a more active role in shaping the catalog to meet the changing needs of the consortium.

Chair: Scott Brandwein, Bibliographic Services Manager

Cataloging Advisory Meeting Agendas & Documents

2018 Meeting Dates: February 23, May 25, August 23, November 30