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Registration Now Open for SWANstravaganza 2017: Know Your Rights


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We're back and bigger than ever! With 19 new libraries joining SWAN's current 78-member community, this year's SWAN user event is the perfect time to meet new faces, catch up with colleagues, and sit in on more than 30 unique sessions about what's going on in the library community--and there's a lot.

Everyone's getting involved

SWAN hasn't been the only busy group in 2017. Community members and organizations alike have seen a rise in local activism and neighborhood outreach during the new political administration. Collectives that focus on information technology and security are teaching workshops on how to encrypt. Coalitions are educating libraries on how to provide paths to citizenship and resources for immigrants. Libraries are eliminating fines and opting for more patron-centric approaches to their services. Educators are sharing critical analysis skills to combat fake news and information illiteracy. Social workers are joining library staff to meet the needs of the community.

This year's theme and speaker

So much positive work is being done and there's still more to do. Together we can defend libraries and the services they provide. This year's keynote speaker is George Christian, Executive Director of Library Connection Inc. (one of the Connecticut Four). Library Connection is a non-profit cooperative of 30 public and academic libraries which share an integrated library system (CONNECT) and other technological innovations that improve the delivery of services. In 2005, Library Connection received a National Security Letter (NSL) from the FBI, along with its accompanying perpetual gag order, demanding that the "libraries in the Library Connection network identify patrons who had used library computers online at a specific time one year earlier." At this year's SWANstravaganza, George Christian will share that experience and his perspective on defending libraries and their users in 2017.

That's how we chose the theme for this year's SWANstravaganza. "Know Your Rights" aims to empower SWAN's community and share resources. We'll have session leaders presenting on a variety of topics that staff from all library departments can enjoy. Check out session descriptions below.

Event details

The day begins at 9:00 a.m. at Moraine Valley Community College's Business and Conference Center, where we'll have a large spread of breakfast pastries and drinks out. Our keynote speaker will begin at 9:30 a.m. and there will be 45-minute sessions throughout the day. You can attend as many as you are able to. Seats are on a first-come, first-served basis. Boxed lunches and beverages are served at noon, and there will be snacks and beverages set out in the afternoon. We'll conclude at 4:30 p.m. after prizes, giveaways, and an update from the Illinois Library Association on current legislation and advocacy initiatives.

Your lunch options, each of which includes a bag of chips, cookie, fruit cup, and assorted canned soda are as follows:

  • Overstuffed Tuna Croissant- Flaky croissant stuffed with our famous tuna salad with lettuce and tomato 
  • Chicken Caesar Wrap - Grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce, shredded parmesan cheese, drizzled with Caesar dressing, wrapped in a tender tortilla 
  • Caprese Salad Wrap (Vegetarian)- Fresh mozzarella, sliced tomato, basil, and crisp romaine lettuce, with balsamic vinaigrette, wrapped in a spinach tortilla 
  • Avocado Strawberry Salad (Vegan/Gluten-Free)- A delightful vegan salad featuring tender baby leaf spinach topped with fresh sliced strawberries, avocado, red onion, and almonds. Served with poppyseed dressing
  • Cranberry Chicken Walnut Salad- Crisp romaine lettuce with grilled chicken, bleu cheese, walnuts, dried cranberries, and raspberry vinaigrette with a fresh baked dinner roll
  • Santa Fe Salad (Vegan)- Chopped romaine, diced tomatoes, red onions, black beans, roasted corn, diced peppers, avocado, tossed with a lime cilantro vinaigrette. Served with crunchy tortilla strips


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Sessions include:

Auto Material Handlers and your options for automation in order to reduce or eliminate the need for patrons or staff to check in, check out, or sort material, or to move bins containing library materials

Bankruptcy and What it Means for Library Patrons, presented by Greg Smith of the law firm Klein, Thorpe, and Jenkins, on how bankruptcy laws and nuances can affect the circulation and administrative policies your library has

BLUEcloud Analytics, presented by SWAN's Member Services team, expands upon the current BC Analytics classes that SWAN provides

Change Management and how SWAN can focus on key priorities and transition smoothly during the migration and our changing role serving libraries in Illinois

Circulating Digital Equipment, presented by Rebecca Bartlett from La Grange Public Library, on best practices for displaying, circulating, and processing digital equipment in the SWAN catalog

EBSCO EDS/Article Search Training, presented by members of DUX and EBSCO on how to best use "Article Search" for finding articles and resources like academic journals in the SWAN catalog

EBSCO Folio Informational Session, on EBSCO's new initiative to partner and promote Folio, a worldwide catalog using open source methods

Enterprise Rooms Overview, presented by members of DUX, on the functions and features available

Hosting Cryptoparties, presented by participants of South Side Hackerspace: Chicago, on how encryption tools affect the public, and hosting parties to teach and learn encryption

How Enterprise Works, presented by members of DUX, this is an overview of Enterprise and how it pulls relevant information into a functional interface for patrons

Employment Law Update, presented by Kelly Hayden, Chief Legal Counsel of the Management Association, on today's legal best practices for staffing, employment, and HR

Fines-Free Library Panel, presented by Stephen Territo, Head of Circulation from Vernon Area PL, Gary Christopherson, Access Services Administrator from Algonquin Area PL, and Matt Womack, Executive Director from Ela Area PLD, on their experience and advice doing away with library fines

"I Need a Good Book": Readers' Advisory Tips and Tricks, presented by Maggie Thomann, Northbrook Public Library, on providing insightful recommendations and identifying trends for your community

Implementing RFID at Your Library, presented by Rebecca Bartlett from LaGrange and supported by SWANTech, on the process of considering, implementing, and troubleshooting an RFID system at your library

IMRF Update, presented by IMRF representative Paul Parise, on what you need to know about retirement services and planning ahead

Lexile Reading Measures Panel, on how this function can be used in the catalog and what to know when assisting patrons looking for materials that meet these reading measures

Libraries for All: Expanding Services to People with Disabilities, presented by Renee Grassi, on how you can be an advocate and explore strategies for funding and support to meet the needs of people with disabilities

New Director Orientation, presented by Aaron Skog, Executive Director of SWAN. Perfect for directors who have started in the past year and anyone who wants to learn more about their SWAN membership

Oak Park Public Library's Experience Hiring a Social Worker, presented by Oak Park's David Seleb and Rob Simmons, on how their library and community identified this need and the effects they've seen

Outreach Activities Panel, presented by Glen Ellyn's Outreach Librarian Sarak Kleiva, and more, on growing and expanding the reach of the library and welcoming more patrons and participants

Passports at Libraries, on the experience libraries have providing these materials and what to know if you're considering this option for your community

Searching in Enterprise vs Workflows, presented by members of DUX, will walk you through the differences, similarities, and best practices for both search tools

Sister Library Meet n Greet, for all members of the New 19 and participating current SWAN members, to meet in person and learn more about the SWAN community and current projects

Starting an English Language Development and Literacy Program, presented by Jean Demas, Literacy Outreach Librarian from Lisle Library District and Joe Popowitch from Indian Prairie Library, on key materials to purchase for new collections and how to partner with local social service agencies

Stump the Circ Experts, presented by SWAN's Member Services team, this fun and interactive session challenges you to throw out your toughest Workflows and Enterprise questions and see if you can stump our experts, all while learning new tips and tricks

SWAN Support Site Orientation and Resources, presented by SWAN's member Services team, on the ins and outs of one of SWAN's support site, where to find documentation and resources, and how to use all its functions

SWAN Usability Study: Looking Ahead, presented by Aaron Skog, Executive Director of SWAN, on what we've learned from the usability study conducted and what the next steps include for improving Enterprise

Understanding Fake News, presented by Amy Franco and Ian Lashbrook of Glen Ellyn Public Library, on learning how to weed through the noise and evaluate sources for authenticity in this timely program

Unique Management Debt Collection and Unique Integrated Communication, on options available to pursue monies owed and best practices for your library

Youth Services Programming, a session dedicated to brainstorming and best ideas for library programming to serve our youngest patrons


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