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Auto Renewals Feature Starting 6/14

Auto-renewals notices will be run beginning tomorrow morning, June 14th. It was necessary for SWAN to wait until the upgrade was complete to implement changes to 400 lines of the Circulation Map. Those changes will take effect after tonight’s Halt and Run. Then we can begin to run the auto renewal notices. After the auto-renewal notices are run, then the courtesy notices will run. Remember auto renewal notices only go out via e-mail. If patrons do not have an email address in their record, they can view their account online in the catalog to see if the due dates of materials have been extended. And remember, if something is not eligible to renew, it will not auto-renew.

We had investigated allowing patrons to update their email address in the “My Account” area in the Enterprise catalog, but have decided against it. The interface is far too confusing, leaving most people thinking they can edit all of the fields instead of just their email address. If there are improvements to the interface in the future, we will consider allowing editing then.

I know a number of you have asked which libraries have opted out of auto renewals. They are: Blue Island PL, Beecher PL, Eisenhower PLD, Franklin Park PL, Harvey PL, Indian Prairie PLD, and Schiller Park PL.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for this feature to be implemented. Have a good week.