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Auto-Renewals and WorkFlows Upgrade

SWAN recently implemented auto-renewals, and we upgraded WorkFlows to  With that upgrade came some changes to Circulation Rules that are separate from the auto-renewal reports.  Even if your library opted out of auto-renewals, these changes will affect you.


For those that opted in, the auto-renewal report will renew any item eligible for renewal two days before its due date.

With the WorkFlows upgrade, “unseen” renewals are allowed three days before due date.


New facts about renewals since the upgrade to

  • Items now renew from the due date – not the date of the renewal
  • Patrons can only attempt to renew an item online (through the Enterprise catalog) beginning 3 days before the due date
  • Staff can renew an item in WorkFlows as “seen” anytime
  • Staff can only renew an item in Workflows as “unseen” within 3 days of its due date

For a more thorough explanation, please review the attached documentation.