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Reciprocal Borrowers – Hold Placement Trial (Oct 2-Nov 30, 2017)

User profiles for external reciprocal borrowers (CHICAGO_P, and NONSWAN_RB) will be synchronized to provide consistency in the patron experience of visiting patrons. During a two-month trial period registered external reciprocal borrowing patrons will be able to place their own holds through Enterprise, and will be limited to a total of 5 holds.

This does not change what material is available for placing holds or circulation policies for these patrons. Currently all SWAN libraries are filling holds for these patrons through our robust in-system transit system between SWAN member libraries.

As the trial study is underway, we recommend the following guidelines:

  • If your library staff does not currently place holds for external reciprocal borrowers, you do not need to change your practice.
  • If your library wishes to encourage NON-SWAN and Chicago reciprocal borrowers to place and manage their own holds, share this news with your visitors. Please stress to those visitors that this is a two month test and advise them to use your Enterprise catalog and request pick-up at your library.

For further background on this trial, please see the report presented at the September SWAN Quarterly, Circulation Advisory Committee, Discovery & User Experience Group, and SWAN Board. If you have questions, feel free to contact Kate Boyle or Dawne Tortorella directly.