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*Important*: Upcoming refresh to Hoopla eRC harvests on Tues, 10/3

Update 10/4: The Hoopla harvest has succeeded and Hoopla content is once again available in eRC.

Thank you for your patience.

SWAN Member Library Staff:

During our continued work to improve the stability of our Enterprise catalog harvests, we have been working closely with SirsiDynix staff to develop new methods of reducing the number of necessary harvest tasks on our system.

You may recall, in late August, we temporarily suspended all eRC harvest tasks in Enterprise to troubleshoot and resume our primary Enterprise catalog harvest schedule. While eRC content is currently still currently available to patrons within Enterprise, the eRC catalog data has not been refreshed since the temporary suspension on August 24.

Now that our primary Enterprise catalog’s full and delta harvests have resumed the expected schedule, we are ready to take the next steps to restore and refresh the eRC content on our system. With hopes to avoid the scheduling issue we’d previously encountered, SirsiDynix has developed a new method to consolidate high volume harvests into a single operation for a consortium. That being the case, we’re first focusing on our largest eRC harvest, Hoopla, which consists of 13 million records over our 20 subscribing libraries.

On Tuesday, October 3, SirsiDynix will be temporarily removing and refreshing all existing Hoopla content from Enterprise. They anticipate this task to take upwards of two days, during which Hoopla content will be unavailable from within Enterprise. It is important to note, however, that patrons will still have full access to a library’s Hoopla content via the vendor’s website.

We will notify everyone via the SWAN Support site as soon as the Hoopla harvest has concluded and the Hoopla eRC content is once again available.

Moving forward, if this new harvest method proves successful, we have plans to consolidate additional eRC connectors, with the intention to resume the majority of our eRC harvests within the upcoming month.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to seek a resolution to this issue.


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