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**UPDATE** Indexing issues

We were seeing patron alerts that showed there were available holds when there was nothing on the holdshelf. We initially thought this was due to our nightly maintenance reports not completing. SirsiDynix has informed us this not an indexing issue but instead a bug in WorkFlows. The bug leaves the available flag on an item that is no longer available and has been put in transit to fill a new hold. SirsiDynix has cleared the patrons we reported and they are working on a fix for the bug to be released in a newer version of the software. If you continue to see this occur please open a ticket with SWAN ( and we will submit it to SirsiDynix for clearing. SWAN will continue to monitor the status of the issue.


**UPDATE** Processing deliveries

The majority of the items mistakenly checked out to MISSTRNSIT have been delivered and cleared. You may continue to see items that show a last patron of MISSTRNSIT, please continue to follow any directions on your screen as you process your deliveries.


**RESOLVED** On Shelf Items with Holds reports

These reports are back to typical numbers.


**RESOLVED** In Transit Shelf Check reports

The shelf check report you will receive will have more typical numbers.


We will continue to keep you updated as we attempt to rectify the issues created with this mishap. We would also like to thank you for your patience and extra effort put forth by you all during this. Please contact SWAN Member Services with any questions and/or issues you may be experiencing.