**Important: Feb 21st Server Upgrade Postponed**

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Added by SWAN Admin (01/26/2018 - 09:50) , last updated by Lauren Levaggi (12/03/2018 - 13:42)

***Update on February 16th: Upgrade Postponed***

SWAN Member Library Staff:

In the last week, we encountered a performance issue impacting our test instances of the upgraded Symphony server. This performance issue has caused all database rebuild processing to run up to ten times longer than expected. Since we run a partial database rebuild every evening as a part of our regular maintenance, this performance would not be acceptable for our production server.

Although we’ve spent many hours alongside SirsiDynix engineers searching for the source of the performance bottleneck in this past week, we’ve unfortunately yet to pinpoint the issue. That being the case, we’ve decided to postpone the server upgrade until we’re confident that our performance issue has been completely resolved.

We sincerely apologize for this change of course, and we’ll send additional notices via SWANcom as soon as a new date has been determined.


***Original Posting on Friday, January 26th***

SWAN Member Library Staff:

Beginning on Wednesday, February 21st, the SWAN Symphony WorkFlows server will undergo an upgrade of the current Operating System to ensure the sustained system security and stability that SWAN has long observed. This upgrade could take up to two days, during which many SWAN services will be unavailable. The upgrade will impact many aspects of your library, so please read carefully as you may need to work differently during the upgrade process. This upgrade will not affect New 19 libraries or any current New 19 testing.

Please click "Read more" below for the full details.

During the upgrade, limited WorkFlows functions (mostly circulation) will be available over the Symphony Bridge service. To access this service, simply login to WorkFlows as you normally would with your standard credentials. Your access to certain toolbars, helpers, reports, and overrides may be removed while on the Bridge, but this is to be expected. To quickly clarify what you can and cannot do while on the Symphony Bridge during the upgrade, we’ve included a cheat sheet. Please print this cheat sheet for your library staff and keep it handy during the upgrade.


Following the upgrade, you will only be able to login to the SWAN server at the hostname, api.in.swanlibraries.net. Additionally your SIP2 devices in the library will need to use this hostname for continued access to the server. Please verify (or work with IT staff) to ensure that this hostname is used anywhere that the IP address ( may previously have been used. SWAN IT will be contacting your 3rd party vendors for electronic materials, mobile apps, and databases to ensure the correct address is being used from their servers as well.

The Important Details

What? Symphony server Operating System upgrade

When? Begins at 3am on Wednesday, February 21st, concluding the morning of Friday, February 23rd

   There is a possibility of concluding in the morning of Thursday, February 22nd. If this is the case, we will notify everyone on the morning of the 22nd.  

Who is Impacted? All library staff and patrons

   Circulation/Reference Staff: Will be working over the Symphony Bridge service. PLEASE DO NOT USE OFFLINE. Access the Bridge service by logging into WorkFlows as usual.

   Cataloging/Tech Services Staff: Will not be able to perform regular item/acquisitions/report functions. Please plan ahead to accommodate ongoing cataloging projects and working schedules.

   Information Technology Staff: Will need to verify WorkFlows and SIP hardware connectivity to the SWAN server hostname, api.in.swanlibraries.net instead of the IP address,

   Patrons: Will be unable to access My Account, Item Availability, Payments, and Holds functions in Enterprise.


What will be available?

  • Symphony/WorkFlows Server
    • Full access to SIP2 3rd Party Vendor Integration (databases, electronic media)
    • Full access to SIP2 Hardware/Software Integration (AMH, self-check, PC reservation, print release)
    • Partial accessto WorkFlows
      • Full access to checkout/check-in functions
      • Full access to view patron records and status
      • Full access to bill/fine payment
      • Full access to fill available holds
      • Full access to item transit
      • No access to cataloging, item additions or deletions, record additions
      • No access to the creation of new holds
      • No access to modifying or registering patron records
      • No access to SMS texting service
      • No accessto reports, reports will not be scheduled
        • Patron notices will be suspended throughout the upgrade
        • Hold shelf, pick lists, and other reports will be suspended
        • Auto-renewal reports will be scheduled and coordinated around the system upgrade
  • Enterprise
    • Full access to current item records and searching
    • No access to My Account features
    • No access to place holds
    • No access to commerce/payment functions
    • No access to item availability
  • BLUEcloud Applications
    • Full accessto BLUEcloud Analytics
      • Full accessto BCA report functions
        • Statistics from February 21st, 22nd will not be accessible until later in the week
        • BCA Reports will generate and email as scheduled
  • No access to Bookmyne
  • No access to MobileCirc


The five most important things to know:

1. On February 21st, login to WorkFlows using your username and password as usual. This is how you’ll access the Symphony Bridge service. If you see in the login address, change that to api.in.swanlibraries.net. This will be necessary for login following the upgrade.

2. In WorkFlows, if you keep encountering overrides that you don’t know the password to (cataloging, reports, registration, etc), this is expected behavior. These functions have been disabled on the Symphony Bridge service and will not be accessible until SWAN is back online. The “What will be available” section above has a full list of services that are and are not available during the upgrade. For Circulation functions, a summarized cheat sheet is available here (LINK TO CIRC CHEAT SHEET).

3. Check your email for news of the upgrade frequently. We’ll be sending all notices to the SWANcom, SWANcirc, and SWANtech groups and posting to the Support Site. If you do not subscribe to any of these three groups, please sign up on the SWAN support site.

4. DO NOT USE OFFLINE MODE. Use of Offline could result in lost transactions while we’re on the Symphony Bridge.

5. Reports will not run from February 21st through February 22nd, meaning there will not be any patron notices or emailed statistics from the Symphony/WorkFlows server. BLUEcloud Analytics WILL BE ACCESIBLE, but data from the 21st and 22nd will not be available until after the upgrade. If you have reports that are scheduled to run specifically on those days, please reschedule them to run before or after the upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be expected during this upgrade?

The upgrade will begin in the early hours of February 21st with downtime, during which WorkFlows will be inaccessible. The system will be brought back online around 8am, just before library hours on the “Symphony Bridge” service, which is essentially an upgrade tool that allows limited functionality to WorkFlows (but more functionality than Offline mode) so that library staff are still able to look up patrons, check-in, checkout, and transit materials. Cataloging and report functions will be completely inaccessible during the upgrade. During any of this downtime, please avoid using Offline mode. You should login to WorkFlows as you normally would.

What can be expected on the day after the upgrade (February 23rd)?

All Symphony/WorkFlows functions will be restored, all circulation transactions performed during the upgrade (including those over SIP2) will be reflected on the new server, and all reports will run on schedule for the23rd. BCA statistics may take the remainder of the week to catch up.

What changes should be expected after the upgrade?

Aside from accessing the server exclusively by hostname (api.in.swanlibraries.net), none should be expected. The server should operate exactly as it did previously, with all records in the same place and all functions working exactly as they have. This upgrade affects the backend of the Symphony server, so it’s nothing directly notable. Even performance should remain relatively constant. Should you encounter record anomalies or issues, please email them to help@swanlibraries.net for investigation.

Why is this upgrade necessary?

Much like system upgrades on your library desktop computers, this server Operating System upgrade is necessary to ensure continued stability and security of the SWAN Symphony/WorkFlows server. The upgrade also relates to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services migration project that was introduced last week in the SWAN Support site post (linked here) in that it ensures compatibility with the Azure Cloud Service. Regardless of the Azure migration, however, this upgrade would be necessary at this point in time.

Does this relate to the New 19 migration?

No, this upgrade would be required regardless of the New 19 migration.

Are New 19 libraries impacted by this upgrade?

No, New 19 libraries will continue data testing and connecting to their respective consortia servers as usual. This upgrade only affects the current SWAN membership.

How will 3rd party vendors be impacted by this upgrade?

SWAN IT staff are currently in contact with your 3rd party vendors for electronic resources, databases, and library mobile apps to inform them that this upgrade is taking place and ensure they’re accessing the SWAN server using the correct address.

What needs to be changed with in-library SIP2-connected equipment and services?

For in-house 3rd party hardware and services, such as self-checkout, automated materials handlers (AMH), PC reservation, please work with your library IT staff to ensure that api.in.swanlibraries.net is used anywhere the hostname/IP address is required. Previously, this field may have been populated with This is the SWAN IP address, and it will no longer be valid following the upgrade.

Are new WorkFlows clients necessary following the upgrade?

No, you will continue to use your existing WorkFlows client for the Symphony Bridge and after the upgrade.

Will holds trap and transit during the upgrade/Symphony Bridge?

Yes, holds will trap and transit during the upgrade, but no new holds can be placed. It’s also important to note that patrons will not be notified of holds during the upgrade, which may reduce the amount of time the hold is available for them. Notices will immediately go out when the server is fully online, with all missed notices released.

How will patrons be notified of the upgrade/impact to Enterprise?

We’ll be posting a banner to all Enterprise profiles several days in advance and throughout the upgrade to inform patrons of the availability of Enterprise services.

How do we connect to the upgraded server following the upgrade?

Make certain that your WorkFlows client is connecting to api.in.swanlibraries.net (as detailed in the image on the left below). If your sign-in is directing to the IP address, your connection will no longer work following the upgrade, and so it must be updated immediately.

 WorkFlows IP address login page

Questions or comments? Please contact SWAN Support

If you have any questions, comments, or run into any difficulties on the day of the upgrade, please email help@swanlibraries.net to create a ticket in the SWAN support system or contact SWAN Support directly by calling 844-SWANLIB (844-792-6542) and dial 0 for immediate assistance.