New 19 Migration Q&A Session 2 Packet

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Current and Future SWAN Libraries—

The second New 19 Migration Q&A session is Wednesday morning at RAILS Burr Ridge, from 9:30-12:30. The attached documents include the agenda, presentation slides, and the updated FAQ document. The questions included in the FAQ encompass those fielded via help desk tickets, site visits, emails, phone calls, and questions posed at the first Q&A session in November. As was the case at the November Q&A session, the bulk of our agenda will be spent answering questions from attendees both in person and online. 

If you have not registered for the event, you can do so via L2. We will be livestreaming the event for those unable to attend in-person. Please register for the livestream by visiting the GoToTraining event page

Light refreshments will be served. If you have any questions about the event, let us know with a ticket: We look forward to seeing you all Wednesday and answering all of your questions!