New themes and options in Enterprise

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Added by SWAN Admin (03/19/2018 - 14:58) , last updated by SWAN Admin (10/19/2018 - 16:40)

You may have noticed that your Enterprise profiles look a little different. We've moved to a new theme that will help us to more easily transition to the new, responsive version of Enterprise scheduled for release this summer. Also, you will notice a new detailed search results display makes Novelist more prominent, and disables the 'modal' or pop-up view, which is not accessible for patrons with visual or motor disabilities.

All profiles are using the same theme with a few different color options for the search bar:


Your profile features a color most similar to your old theme, but you can opt to change it if you would like.  Just email your color choice to

If you would like to change your logo as well, include a PNG file with:

  • a transparent background
  • minimum height of 250px

More new features are coming soon. We will keep you posted!