Library Calendar Wizard, Hold Cancellation Notices

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Added by SWAN Admin (04/04/2018 - 14:13) , last updated by Lauren Levaggi (12/03/2018 - 16:04)


We have some exciting updates for you! 

Library Calendar, AKA Days Closed

library calendar graphic

SWAN Libraries now have the option to manage their own Library Calendar, also referred to as Days Closed.  The Library Calendar Wizard is now located in the Special Wizards Group under the Circulation toolbar.  You will need to use the Circulation Supervisor password to access it.

 If you would still prefer SWAN manage your library calendar for you, please email your dates to  Be sure to indicate you would like SWAN to manage these dates for you.

 If you choose to manage your own Library Calendar, you do not need to send SWAN your scheduled closings.  But, for emergency closings - after adding dates to your calendar, please notify SWAN so we can modify existing due dates as a convenience for your patrons and notify the membership on your behalf.

 Please see our documentation for instructions, and watch this instructional video on our YouTube channel!

 Cancellation Notices for Manually Cancelled Holds

SWAN is now able to send hold cancellation notices for holds cancelled in Enterprise or Workflows with an inactive reason of CANCELLED.  This includes holds patrons cancel themselves or holds cancelled by staff.  Just like the current hold cancellation notices that are already running, these notices are only sent via email and are go out once daily, in the morning.