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New 19 Enterprise Holds Issue Workaround

SWAN Libraries—

Our New 19 libraries have been inundated with holds, as many current SWAN patrons are placing holds on the LINC and MAGIC records that often have fewer holds (Saint Charles reportedly had 1600 items on their holds list). And as you know, patrons are seeing 3 times as many search results for items as there are separate records for SWAN, LINC, and MAGIC items, which makes for a frustrating search experience. To help remedy these issues, we have implemented a search limit that will exclude the New 19 libraries from other SWAN libraries. New 19 Enterprise profiles will continue to display the results for all 97 libraries to ensure their patrons continue to see their items. The limit will go away after deduplication.  

It’s a ‘behind the scenes’ limit so patrons shouldn’t notice anything except the items are duplicated anymore. This update will not affect URLs or break your library website search boxes or links to the catalog  you have set up. The limit to exclude new 19 will still be applied, but any other limits or filters you’ve set will be applied as expected.

Questions should be submitted to the help desk (