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Blank Bibliographic Records

We have discovered an issue in which MARC data has disappeared from bibliographic records in isolated cases, leaving bibliographic control, call number, and item data in tact. This can manifest in a few ways, some of which may be confusing as WorkFlows does not know how to communicate the error.

Call number and title control number browsing in Workflows may display blank title lines or a hyphen in the place of a title.

Searching on Item ID (barcodes) or performing circulation functions may display a message that the Item ID does not exist even though it does. WorkFlows is simply unable to retrieve MARC data to display. If you encounter this message unexpectedly, do not assume the item has been deleted.

We are working with SirsiDynix to diagnose the problem and retrieve a list of affected records. In the meantime, individual cases can be sent as tickets to the Bibliographic Services team for immediate resolution. We can bring in the missing MARC data, which will immediately restore your ability to work with the affected items.

Thanks and let us know if you have any questions.