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Changes to the Clean Hold Shelf Report

As you may have heard we recently found out libraries should be completing their Clean Hold Shelf report before beginning to process their Onshelf Items list (pull list). In our ongoing mission to minimize issues with holds we will be running the Clean Hold Shelf report for all libraries centrally and will no longer offer the opportunity to libraries to schedule or run them on their own through the REPORT login. This change will take affect Tuesday, June 5. The centrally run report runs at 7am, Monday through Friday, and is delivered to the generic email address for each library. If you have used the REPORT login to setup your own Clean Hold Shelf report, or use the REPORT login to run your report manually every day, please be advised the scheduled reports will be removed and you will no longer be able to run them manually. If you had been running them on your own you will no longer receive an email if there are no holds to be pulled from your hold shelf.


Please have your director use the Edit Aliased Email webform on the SWAN Support Site to ensure you receive your report. You are limited to 3 aliased emails per library so SWAN recommends using a circulation department email address, if your library has one, to make sure all staff responsible for processing the report will have access to it.


Each SWAN library is required to fully process their Clean Hold Shelf report Monday through Friday and will be included in the centrally run report Monday through Friday. Please open a support ticket if you would also like to be included in the weekend report.