SWAN Symphony Reports, Acquisitions, and the "New Normal"

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Added by SWAN Admin (05/10/2018 - 18:00) , last updated by SWAN Admin (10/19/2018 - 16:40)

The addition of our 19 new libraries increased the demand on our Symphony Reports system. This was largely expected, but I want to outline some of the steps we are taking, and to assure our libraries that the longer queues for reports is something we are working on behind the scenes to address.

  1. We have worked to ensure that use of Symphony Reports as a statistical tool will be met through BLUEcloud Analytics. We are holding open labs for the new member libraries to get the reports they need scheduled in Analytics.
  2. Acquisitions libraries in SWAN increased from 15 to 27, which has put the use of the X12 report into wider use. This report when run is queuing up and waiting behind other reports. We are looking at ways we can cut back on the delays.
  3. SWAN libraries relying on Symphony Reports for specific statistics will be provided opportunities to transition to Analytics, but this will require us to set a deadline at some stage. Some reports can only run in Symphony, but the majority have an equivalent in Analytics.
  4. SWAN's notices for automated phone, text, email, and print are running at times throughout the day, so we are examining this configuration to see if we can compress the length of time they run.

The goal we have is to see what our "new normal" will be with the expansion of our membership. Many libraries within the 19 delayed processing orders during the technical services freeze, so please bear with us while we work to determine if there is a temporary demand, or a new normal.