Enterprise Delta Harvests Suspended

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Added by SWAN Admin (05/07/2018 - 12:52) , last updated by SWAN Admin (10/19/2018 - 16:40)

SWAN Member Library and Technical Services Staff:

Due to the increased volume of duplicate records and extended eRC harvest processing times, we have decided to temporarily suspend the Enterprise delta harvest to ensure the reliability of other catalog services.

As a reminder, the delta harvest service refreshes the Enterprise catalog throughout the day as record edits, additions, and deletions are made by cataloging staff. While this service is suspended, record changes will not be reflected every several hours, but instead, the next morning. The suspension of the delta harvest will not impact anything relating to patron accounts, holds, or item availability as those statuses are instantaneously reflected from the Symphony server.

We plan to reexplore options to process delta harvests following the record deduplication on Memorial Day.


Thank you,

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