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Cataloging Announcements: Title Control Numbers & MARCIVE Processing

This message is for anybody who uses cataloging functions in SWAN. Two things to be aware of:

  1. Title Control Number Change -- We have received word from SirsiDynix that the process to change LINC- and M-prefixed title control numbers is currently running and will complete soon. This means title control numbers are being converted to SWAN's standard format of "a" followed by the catalog key. Cataloging Libraries: If you have any records in a batch or Connexion save file, please double check that LINC- and M-numbers are still valid if you are using them in your 035 field for overlay.
  2. MARCIVE Processing -- We will be sending a copy of our bibliographic database to MARCIVE on Thursday evening for bibliographic updates and authority control processing. The file will only contain fully-cataloged records (records with a value in the Date Cataloged field). These records will be returned to us on July 3rd and overlaid on our existing database. Please be aware that edits to already-cataloged records during this period may be lost in the overlay. SWAN recommends that starting this Friday, libraries avoid making changes to fully-cataloged records until after the July 4th rebuild. This only includes edits to full bibliographic records. All other functions will remain unaffected. You can safely add or delete items and bibliographic records, edit items, edit and overlay pre-cats and on-order records, and perform all circulation, serials, and acquisitions activities.

Thank you, and please let us know if you have any questions.