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Resolved: Gale Databases Unavailable Through Open Athens

Update June 13, 2018 1:35pm: Gale has reported that they resolved the issue. However, libraries should check their Gale database links and verify they are able to access through Open Athens. If you have any issues, please contact

Update June 13, 2018: This looks to be an issue with Gale, and not Open Athens, that is affecting libraries outside of SWAN and libraries using other methods of remote authentication. Open Athens is continuting to work with Gale, and we will continue to update this post as we learn more.

Gale databases are failing to authenticate through Open Athens. SWAN has reported the issue to Open Athens, and they are working to resolve the issue. Your Gale databases are still accessible in the library, but users trying to authenticate outside of the library will not be able to access them. We will update this post when the issue is resolved.