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*9/14 Update* Intermittent Enterprise Outages

September 14th Update: SWAN's Enterprise 5.0 catalog has some performance issues that are being worked on by SirsiDynix software engineers. This means we experience brief outages from time to time which last less than 10 minutes. Until we have resolved these ongoing issues, we ask library staff to observe the following:

  • If any outage occurs, please wait 15 minutes before reporting the outage to SWAN
  • SWAN has monitoring tools that alert on-duty personnel if Enterprise becomes unresponsive
  • SirsiDynix hosting is monitoring SWAN's Enterprise and will proactively take measures to restart services should Enterprise become unresponsive

We regret the instability of Enterprise at this time.

July 11th Update: Enterprise is experiencing intermittent outages. SWAN is aware of the issue and working with SirsiDynix to resolve this. 

In the meantime, SirsiDynix hosting is proactively restarting SWAN's Enterprise daily. The hosting support team is monitoring SWAN's Enterprise and will automatically restart Enterprise should it become unresponsive. SWAN staff will continue to use tools to monitor Enterprise and be alerted should an outage occur.