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Custom Long overdue Report (CLR) for CHICAGO_P Patron Records

We will be running the Custom Long overdue Report (CLR) for CHICAGO_P patrons late Sunday, November 4. The report will look at items that were checked out to Chicago patrons and due before July 1, 2016.

The CLR will create a LONGOVRDUE bill on the patron’s record however; SWAN will pay the bills with a payment type of RBLIBREIM which stands for Reciprocal Borrowing Library Reimbursement. We are doing this to indicate the patron’s home library has paid for the item and to avoid duplicate billing. These patrons will be BARRED with a note stating, “Barred per CPL. Check status on the CPL Patron Verification Portal.”. At this point, you have been reimbursed for the items that will be removed, they were included in previous quarterly billing. You can verify payment for your items in your Quarterly Billing breakdowns issued before the change to reimbursing libraries at 365 overdue.

As always please open a help ticket ( if you have any questions!