Severe Weather - Due Date Modifications SWAN-wide

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Added by Dawne Tortorella (01/29/2019 - 12:50) , last updated by Dawne Tortorella (01/29/2019 - 16:57)

UPDATE - Holds: 1/29 4:30 p.m.

The report to expire holds will be postponed until February 2nd, providing patrons with additional time to pick up their items on the hold shelf. Note: We will not be sending new messages to patrons with the new pickup by date. However, the item will remain available on the hold shelf until the report runs on February 2nd.

Due to the severe weather conditions and multiple closings of our SWAN libraries this week, we will be adjusting due dates. This is to assist libraries and to assure patrons that they do not need to venture out in the inclement weather to return items.

Any due dates from January 28-January 31, 2019 will be adjusted to February 1, 2019 throughout the entire SWAN consortium. Please share this information with your patrons to alleviate their concerns and ensure their safety.

You can follow closings on our Inclement Weather News post which is updated as we receive information from our libraries. Stay warm and safe, everyone!