Update on 2018 Checkout/Renewal Counter Reset and Extended Field Stats

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Added by Steven Schlewitt (05/21/2019 - 11:51) , last updated by Steven Schlewitt (05/21/2019 - 11:51)

SWAN Member Library Staff:

After extensive testing, we’ve determined that we will not be able to run the 2018 Checkout Counter Reset as previously anticipated; therefore the CKOS_2018 statistic will not be viewable as an Extended Information item field this year. Item checkout/renewal counters will continue to reflect 2018 and 2019 counts until our next full database rebuild.

We know how important this item information is to some of our libraries so we have prepared some alternative recommendations to access the information via BLUEcloud Analytics reports:

List Titles by Call Number, Item Barcode and CKO Counts by Year

  • Run this report to get a list of items for the collection you wish to report on.

List Item by Call Number, item Barocde CKO Counts by Year

  • Run this report for an individual item. You’ll be prompted for an item’s barcode.

Both reports include the title, author, call number, publication year, home location, current location, item barcode, item created date, item last activity date, the number of legacy charges (includes counts from previous ILS systems) and the number of checkouts per year. With development of the above reports, the annual creation of item extended information is no longer necessary and will not continue.

As we now have a firmer grasp of the requirements of the checkout/renewal count reset process, we expect to run it as expected, close to January 1, 2020, to reset checkouts, alongside a required database rebuild.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we investigated the process.  

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