**RESOLVED** 5/31/19 - Indexing errors due to abnormal overnight processing

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Added by Ian Nosek (05/31/2019 - 07:32) , last updated by Ian Nosek (05/31/2019 - 12:35)

The reindexing report has concluded. This report has resolved the issues that occurred as a result of our overnight processing.
This morning’s bibliographic/item editing freeze has been lifted. All normal cataloging activities may resume at this time.\

While the report has resolved the errors regarding item locks or ‘heading keys need to be indexed’ errors, searches in WorkFlows may rarely appear to display duplicate entries. We are still investigating this particular issue, but it will not impact daily operations. These duplicate record searches are also limited to WorkFlows and are not impacting Enterprise searches. We do expect this will be cleared by this evening’s regularly scheduled maintenance reports.

If you encounter any further difficulties with records in WorkFlows, please notify us at help@swanlibraries.net so we can investigate.

SWAN Member Library Staff:

Please be aware, last night we countered an abnormal ADUText report, which handles our daily record maintenance and processing. That being the case, we may encounter record issues throughout the day until the next successful run of the ADUText report. These issues will most likely impact records that were added/deleted/updated yesterday and are typically in the form of “heading keys need to be indexed” errors in WorkFlows. You may see these errors when searching, modifying, or checking in/out the impacted records.

We’ve reached out to SirsiDynix Support with hopes to mitigate some of the record issues that may be encountered, but if you come across these records, please email a list to help@swanlibraries.net and we’ll forward them to SirsiDynix for further investigation and temporary correction. Otherwise, all record issues should be cleared with tonight’s regularly scheduled maintenance.

Thank you.


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