Missing, Discard or Lost items with holds report (Last Copy in System)

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Added by Crystal Vela (06/06/2019 - 08:45) , last updated by Crystal Vela (06/06/2019 - 08:45)

SWAN has created a BLUEcloud Analytics (BCA) report for last copy items that have holds on them and are checked out to a MISSING or DISCARD user. This report will tell you if any of your patrons have holds on an item that is both the last copy in SWAN, AND is currently checked out to a MISSING, or DISCARD user, or has a LOST status. It is the responsibility of the patron’s library to notify their patron that the hold will be canceled due to last copy status.

Consider placing the hold through OCLC or determine if a copy should be purchased by your library to fulfill the patron’s request. It is recommended that whoever normally places out of system holds at your library run this report weekly and contacts those patrons on the list.

The report can be found by following the path below.

BCASWANLIBS>Shared Reports>SWAN Reports>Holds> List titles with holds for your Library’s users with only one system copy that is DISCARD, LOST, LOST-ASSUME, LOST-CLAIM, LOST-PAID, MISSING OR MISSTRANSIT

If you would like this report scheduled automatically and need assistance, please submit a help ticket. SWAN will create a scheduled run of this report in your library BLUEcloud Analytics account to run weekly and sent to the library’s aliased email.