BLUEcloud Mobile Test App Available

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Added by Lauren Levaggi (06/27/2019 - 18:31) , last updated by Steven Schlewitt (07/08/2019 - 10:20)


The BLUEcloud Mobile test app is here! Before we can have a successful go-live we need your help.  We ask your library to test the functionalities below and report any issues found.  

Please note, this test app is available only for library staff ​. It is not available in the app store, only through the links below. Do not share these links with your patrons.

The go-live date for the app is July 15th, at which time the app will appear in the Apple and Android app stores for you and your patrons.

Testing instructions

Download the app on your mobile device

  • Android users:
    1. Open this page on your phone or tablet, then visit this link to download the test app for Android 
    2. Select Android platform
    3. Select the version at the top (v 201812201)
    4. Follow the installation instructions
  • iOS users:
    1. Open this page on your phone or tablet, then visit this link to download the app for iOS
    2. You should be prompted to download TestFlight, the app you will use to test the SWAN app 
    3. Follow the installation instructions

Login credentials

You can use your own library barcode, or your library's test patron barcode and PIN. 

Testing checklist

Please test the following features below.  If you discover any issues, please open a helpdesk ticket - Be sure to note your app version (Android, iOS.)

  • Log in --was the login successful?
  • Is your profile color and logo correct?
  • Does your virtual library card barcode display and scan? (My Barcode)
  • Can you add linked accounts?
  • For linked accounts, can you view multiple accounts and library barcodes? (Look in my barcode, swipe up)
  • Are you able to change your app Preferences?
  • Does My Account display checkouts, holds, and fines correctly?
  • Is the pickup location correct?
  • If Checkout history is enabled, can you view it under checkouts?
  • Can you renew items?
  • Can you perform a search?
  • Do the search filters work?
  • Do item records display correctly?
  • Can you place a hold?
  • Can you search for eBooks and downloadable items?
  • Are results for all of your eResource Central (eRC) vendors available? (e.g. Overdrive, Hoopla, etc.)
  • Are you able to scan an ISBN barcode to search? (note: items not in the SWAN catalog will not return results)
  • Does the Nearest Libraries feature show libraries near you?
  • Are your hours and library information correct?
  • Can you view your library events?
  • Does the “keep me signed in” option on the login screen work when returning to the app?

Request app customizations

Use the online request form to submit any changes for:

  • Theme & colors
  • Library logo
  • Events calendar
  • Updated links
  • Hours or address information

To have your changes complete by go-live, you will need to submit them by July 8th.

Promotional materials


SWAN is mailing complementary promotional bookmarks to your library for the app launch.  You can begin promoting your app whenever you like after it becomes available in the app stores.

If you would like additional promotional bookmarks, you can order them with our recommended printer and the files provided below:

Recommended online print resource:

2x8in bookmark,

Adobe InDesign files by request -

Patron website

Please direct your patrons to our public website for more information.

Digital display graphics

Full HD 16:9 aspect ratio.

Social media graphics

Meets the size recommendation for each social media platform.

Barcode Scanners

Only barcode scanners classified as "linear imager" are capable of scanning mobile device screens. Laser scanners are not compatible. We have recommendations for two linear imager scanners in the hardware recommendations section.