Improvements to Enterprise Search Relevancy

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Added by Tara Wood (08/23/2019 - 09:42) , last updated by Tara Wood (08/23/2019 - 09:42)

SWAN has been working with SirsiDynix to improve title search relevancy in Enterprise, especially for short titles. Some tweaks to search relevancy went live this morning and you should notice improved search results. Some examples of short titles include:

  • Keyword search for Little, 2019 movie
    • Previously this item would not appear in the first several pages of a keyword or title search
    • Now it appears on the first page of results
  • Keyword search for It  
    • Previously the first page of results did not have many results for the Stephen King novel or the movie adaptations
    • Now the first page of results matches the book by Stephen King and movie adaptations of the book
  • Keyword or title search for Smile, by Raina Telgemeier
    • Previously the graphic novel result did not appear in the first several pages of results
    • Now the graphic novel appears on the first page of results

A downside of the changes is that a keyword search for an author name, such as "JK Rowling," will surface items with the author name in the title over items by that author. The Discovery and User Experience (DUX) Advisory Group evaluated the changes and agreed that the benefits to title searching outweighed the slightly less relevant author keyword results. Author name searches limited to the Author search limit should see no change.

We know there are many other relevancy improvements to investigate that libraries have requested, including:

  • "Bubbling up" results for your library's items on your profile
  • Weighting records with more copies over records with fewer copies, so patrons are more likely to place holds on records with more copies

This is one step towards improved relevancy and a better search experience, for you and your patrons. We're excited to keep digging into relevancy and finding more ways to improve it!