Hold Configuration Change - Trap Hold with First Item Received

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Added by Dawne Tortorella (09/10/2019 - 07:56) , last updated by Dawne Tortorella (09/10/2019 - 07:56)

A change has been made in our SWAN global demand management configuration settings that went into effect today, September 10, 2019. Our system is now configured to trap hold with the first item received.

If an item is checked in locally before it arrives in delivery, the item will be allocated to the patron waiting at your library for pick-up. The system will get the item into the hands of the patron as soon as possible.

What does this change mean to me? Continue to process items as usual and follow the on-screen instructions for routing to holds, transit to other library, or reshelve locally. In a small number of cases items arriving from transit when checked in will immediately route back to the home library or to another library where the next patron is waiting. Know that in these cases, this has occurred because the patron waiting at your library for the item was able to get their hold filled more quickly with another copy.

Please contact SWAN support if you have any questions.