Completion of Extended Info Patron Field Cleanup / GUARDIAN Field Updates

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Added by Dave Pacin (09/24/2019 - 14:13) , last updated by Dave Pacin (09/24/2019 - 14:13)

In 2018, Circulation Advisory recommended the elimination of several extended info fields from the patron record, including the LICENSE, P_NO, PREV_ADDR, RDG_LEVEL, SSN, NOTIFY_VIA, LOSTITEM, SEESUPER, STAFF, RECEIPT and ENTERED_BY fields.  All of this work completed several months ago with the exception of the GUARDIAN field.  This is due to complications from the fact that most patron records had the same or similar information in the CARE/OF field of the patron’s address, where the GUARDIAN data was to be merged.


After thoroughly reviewing the project, we determined the following course of action:

  • For records that had the same data in those two fields (GUARDIAN and CARE/OF), which was the majority of records in question, the GUARDIAN field was simply removed. – 10,963 patron records
  • For records that had dissimilar data in the two fields, or no CARE/OF data at all, the GUARDIAN field was moved to a NOTE field, and the word GUARDIAN precedes this note data. – 3,560 patron records
REMOVE from Extended Info Remove from Address
Entered By (Move to Note Field) Company (Move to BUS/SCHOOL)
Guardian (Move to Care/Of OR Notes) School (Move to BUS/SCHOOL)
License Home phone (migrate to PHONE, if PHONE is blank)
Lost Item (moving to Note field) Work Phone (migrate to ALT PHONE)
P_NO Cell Phone (migrate to ALT PHONE)
RECEIPT (Move to Note Field)  
SEESUPER (move to Note Field)  

If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please let us know by submitting a ticket to