Enterprise 5.0.1 Coming December 18th

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Added by Tara Wood (11/15/2019 - 15:38) , last updated by Tara Wood (11/15/2019 - 15:38)

Start your countdown for a mobile-friendly catalog! The upgrade to Enterprise 5.0.1 will go live on Wednesday, December 18th.

You can register for our member update and Q&A, which will be held online through GoToMeeting on Tuesday, December 10th at 1:30 pm. We will demonstrate features coming as outlined below, review the upgrade process, and answer member questions during the online member update. If you are not able to attend this session, a recording will be available through the SWAN support site.

Preview the New Catalog       Register for the Enterprise Q&A


Enterprise catalog desktop and mobile layout

Responsive design

This release will feature a new layout that will adapt to fit mobile devices. This means your users will see a slightly different version of the catalog depending on if they are on a desktop, tablet, or phone. To preview how this will work:

  1. Visit the test version of the catalog
  2. Resize your browser window, and note the display change

A few differences to keep in mind as you are supporting patrons:

  • On smaller screen sizes, the login and account links are under a "hamburger" menu as is very common on many websites.​​hamburger menu icon
  • Limits to initially filter your search by your library, or title, will appear after tapping Search Options.
  • Limits to filter your results after a search for format, fiction/nonfiction, and more will appear under the button to Limit Search Results.
    search limit button, just below the number of results text

Holdings display changes

To better accommodate the new mobile display and to help users more easily identify what is on shelf at your library or what they'll need to place a hold on, the Discovery and User Experience Group (DUX) developed several changes to the search results holdings display. Please note these will appear on desktop and mobile displays.

Currently, users see a table of all holdings at your library. Going forward, users will only see copies listed that are on shelf. If you have no copies on shelf, the catalog will display  "no copies at (your library)" if you do not own the item, or "all copies in use" if you own the item and no copies are on shelf.

On Shelf

There are copies your library owns, and they are available to check out.

on shelf status display showing items available to check out now

No copies at your library

Your library does not own any copies of this item.

no copies display, with links to place a hold or see other libraries' copies

All copies in use

Your library owns copies, but they aren't available to check out.

all copies in use display, with links to place a hold or see other libraries' copies

Accessibility mode on by default

SirsiDynix has included some improvements to accessibility in this release. In addition, SWAN has decided to turn on accessibility mode by default. Accessibility mode enables features that allow the catalog to work with screen readers and other assistive technologies. In the current version of the catalog, accessibility mode is enabled through a small link. 

The next Enterprise release, 5.0.2, will include more significant improvements for accessibility and improved compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines(WCAG) 2.0 and 2.1. 

In addition, the responsive design will improve the appearance of the catalog when a user magnifies the screen through their web browser, tablet, or phone. 

Overdrive integration updates

Users can now suspend and re-enable holds for Overdrive items.