Read the Clarity Report: a Shared Diagnosis for SWAN

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Added by Aaron Skog (11/18/2019 - 12:26) , last updated by Aaron Skog (12/09/2019 - 10:45)

The SWAN task force that was formed to provide analysis and recommendations as part of a "shared diagnosis" for the consortium has issued its final report. The report identifies 5 important issues, and in its conclusion makes some "big picture" recommendations for SWAN and its libraries to focus on over the next few years. The report is divided into two parts: Part 1 is the "Issues Identified, Responsibility, Corrective Action, and Strategic Direction" and Part 2 is an overview of the research activities of the Task Force which gathered information directly from library staff using SWAN's software, e.g. Enterprise, WorkFlows, Analytics, etc.

Below are the 5 important issues that emerged from the research:

  1. Holds
  2. Discovery & Access to Resources
  3. Acquisitions Processing
  4. Reports & Statistical Analysis
  5. Support, Communications, Documentation, & Training

The December 5th SWAN Quarterly meeting for Directors & Administrators will include a presentation from the Clarity Task Force representatives. This meeting will be live-streamed and recorded for later viewing. Our SWAN advisory groups will be addressing some of the issues surfaced from a holistic approach as these issues impact all functional areas.

Download the Clarity Report (PDF)