*Concluded Successfully* Enterprise 5.0.1 Upgrade / Scheduled Downtime 12/17 at 11pm

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Added by Steven Schlewitt (12/16/2019 - 09:44) , last updated by Steven Schlewitt (12/18/2019 - 06:31)

Concluded successfully on 12/18 at 6am

Our upgrade to Enterprise 5.0.1 has completed without issues. Although SWAN's testing of features will continue into the morning, all Enterprise Catalog library profiles and features are fully functional and available now. 

For a quick overview on using the new catalog, please check out our post on the SWAN Patron Portal, What's New in Your Library Catalog.

Should we uncover any issues this morning or receive reports of significant issues, they will be posted to the Known Issues section of our site. 

Additionally, if you come across any unreported issues, please don't hesitate to let us know by emailing help@swanlibraries.net to open a case. 

Thank you. 


Originally posted on 12/16 at 9am

Please be aware, tomorrow night (Tuesday) after library hours, we have the scheduled upgrade of the Enterprise Catalog to version 5.0.1. Tara Wood recently summarized the benefits of the upgrade in a news post and online webinar.

The upgrade will require downtime of Enterprise and is scheduled from 11pm on Tuesday 12/17 until 4am 12/18, although we do not anticipate the entire scheduled time will be needed. We’ll also post a banner to each Enterprise library profile to inform patrons of the outage.

During the upgrade, the following services will be inaccessible:

  • Access to all Enterprise Catalog library profiles
  • Access to My Account
  • Access to online payment services

The upgrade will not impact the following services:

  • Access to digital materials via the vendor’s website/app
  • Symphony/WorkFlows access
  • Web Services-based utilities (such as BLUEcloud Mobile)
  • BLUEcloud applications

If you have any questions about the upgrade or encounter any issues with Enterprise on Wednesday morning, please do not hesitate to submit a support ticket by emailing help@swanlibraries.net.