Holdings display changes in Enterprise

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Added by Tara Wood (01/02/2020 - 11:38) , last updated by Tara Wood (01/02/2020 - 14:23)

Following the most recent Enterprise upgrade, we received some feedback about how on order items, display items, and checked out items display in the catalog. We've made a few tweaks to the display to address these concerns.

On order items

If your library creates on order items, these will display with an "On Order" message (instead of "All Copies In Use"). If your library does not create on order items, you will continue to see a "No copies" message-- only on order items can be reflected in search results.


Display items

Item display statuses have been added to search results and item detail displays. If an item has a current location that contains DISP in the current location ID (e.g. DISPLAY_A) the display location will appear. If your display user does not set a current location that contains DISP, and you would like the display status to appear in the catalog, submit a ticket to


All copies in use

Some library staff were confused about what "all copies in use" meant -- we've added the library name to clarify that all copies are in use at your library.