Canceled Publication Patron Notification Tool

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Added by Scott Brandwein (02/13/2020 - 15:57) , last updated by Scott Brandwein (02/13/2020 - 15:57)

SWAN has recently developed a tool to help us when publications are canceled or indefinitely suspended but there are holds attached to the on-order record.

If you are notified that an ordered item will no longer be available, let SWAN know, and we will investigate and follow up. Using this tool, we can cancel the holds on a bibliographic record and send a courtesy e-mail to the patrons to inform them of the cancellation.

Pending holds make it difficult to remove items and delete records for these unavailable materials.

Before using this tool, SWAN staff will be sure to verify that either:

  1. The publication has truly been canceled by the publisher and not simply delayed, or
  2. All member libraries with items or orders on a record wish to cancel their order, as may be the case with extreme publication delays or if a particular vendor has made an item unavailable.

When running this report, SWAN will also perform the following steps:

  1. Shadow the bibliographic record so it will no longer collect holds
  2. Write a note in the 591 Local Note field of the record indicating that the report has been used and why
  3. Notify libraries who have ordered the item that follow-up may be necessary on this order.

Below, you will find a sample e-mail illustrating what the patrons will receive. If you have any questions, please send in a ticket.

Cancelled Publication e-mail example.