Be sure to notify RAILS re: Delivery

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Added by Dawne Tortorella (06/12/2020 - 11:18) , last updated by Dawne Tortorella (06/17/2020 - 17:19)

As a reminder, RAILS Delivery will be resuming. On the RAILS COVID page, under Latest News, two documents provide detailed instructions and an FAQ on delivery.

Our SWAN libraries are split between two delivery hubs. If your delivery code ends in "D" you are served by the RAILS Bolingbrook hub - those libraries must coordinate a contactless delivery location and ensure access to your building. If your delivery code ends in "S" you are served by CTL and your delivery will continue to be overnight.

While we are working with libraries to coordinate when full resource sharing will start within SWAN, we recommend resuming delivery service if you have staff on site or delivery is able to access your building. Delivery resumption will allow items to be returned to the owning library as we get ready to further extend resource sharing.

The following checklist is provided as a reminder for immediate action for SWAN libraries:

  1. Send email to indicating:
    • Yes, we want delivery on June 17/18
    • Yes, we want delivery on June 24/25
    • Yes, we want to resume normal delivery starting June 29
    • Indicate if you need additional blue bins and/or RAILS delivery labels
      NOTE: If you are not able to accept delivery yet, please let RAILS know that too. They will continue to store items for you - ready for delivery when you are.
  2. On June 17/18 and June 24/25, any items ready will be picked-up by delivery. For these special pick-ups only, you may:
    • Sort, store items destined for a single library in one box. Please ensure the single destination boxes are at least 80% full - space in delivery vans is limited. Seal the box and indicate on the outside "TO: XYZ, No Sorting Necessary - All items for XYZ"
    • Label individual items as usual, place in an overflow box if no blue bins available. Do not seal box.
  3. Any items held at RAILS during COVID closures have been hand sorted and will be directed to the owning library. Any items picked up for delivery will use delivery labels for sending to the next destination. 
  4. When regular delivery schedule resumes on June 29th, all normal operations for packaging (blue bins) and labeling (each item needs a label) will be necessary.
  5. The RAILS Delivery FAQ clarifies that the 7-day quarantine of materials before sending them through RAILS delivery applies to the time period when the item is last touched by a patron. Staff that are following safe hygiene practices, wearing masks, and not working while symptomatic, do NOT reset the quarantine clock. If items are on your shelves and pulled by staff following these practices, they can immediately be put into delivery bins for pick-up.