EBSCO Group Purchase Go Live July 8th

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Added by Tara Wood (06/15/2020 - 16:47) , last updated by Aaron Skog (06/26/2020 - 10:56)

SWAN staff are working with EBSCO to have your EBSCO database packages ready to go live July 8th. 

This includes:

  • Authentication through OpenAthens
  • Links ready to add to your library website
  • Integration with Enterprise and Article Search

Before July 8th

Share information about EBSCO databases with your patrons and get acquainted with any new databases you have not used before.

Take a training

EBSCO offers trainings on specific databases, and SWAN offers training in using Article Search. Learn more about trainings.

Register for the member update

On July 8th, Robin Hofstetter will provide an update on the ESBCO databases and what you need to do. Register on L2.

Share "coming soon" information with patrons

On July 8th

Update links on your library website (required)

You will need to replace your EBSCO links on your library website - to ensure your links don't break, please complete this by July 15th. Links will be available on the SWAN patron site databases page by July 8th -- if they are available sooner you will receive a swancom.

Alternately, you can link to your databases page on the SWAN patron site:

If you find any issues accessing links, submit a ticket to help@swanlibraries.net. While SWAN staff will extensively test external authentication for links, we cannot test your access inside the library.

Check out your databases in Enterprise

You will be able to search Article Search for most of your databases. Some - including Consumer Reports, Consumer Health, Novelist, and Auto Repair Source - are not integrated into Article Search, and you will see links for these below the database filters.

additional links in article search facets


Standard SWAN-wide databases will also be included as search recommendations.


database link in search results

Attend the member update

Have questions or want to know more? Attend the EBSCO Databases SWAN Group Purchase Update.