Resource Sharing - Flood Control

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Added by Dawne Tortorella (07/09/2020 - 13:57) , last updated by Dawne Tortorella (07/09/2020 - 14:57)

The Resource Sharing settings put in place for Tuesday had an error that allowed all library holds to be listed on the Onshelf Items pull lists, whether or not the library had opted in for Resource Sharing. This issue was resolved on Wednesday and only holds for libraries who have opted in for Resource Sharing appear on holds lists starting Wednesday.

Any item that was set in transit to fill a hold for your patron will be trapped for your patrons when you check it in from delivery.

Libraries not yet restarting resource sharing

If your library has not resumed resource sharing and you received items in delivery, you have two options for processing:

  1. Fill the hold for your patron.
    • Trap the item and allow it to fill the hold. The Lending library has approved this loan by virtue of sending through delivery.


  1. Return to home/next library.
    • Check the item out to a generic or in-house user, this will place your patron’s hold back to the top of the hold queue.
    • Check the item back in. The hold map will determine that the item is not holdable to your patron and move it on - either to fill the next hold or return to the owning library.
    • Label and place in delivery bin.

Libraries restarting resource sharing

Your pull lists should only be listing items to be routed to other libraries starting resource sharing.

  • Process your hold shelf, prioritizing your patron's/your pick-up location items first.
  • Staff and time permitting, continue to work through the pull list. 

All libraries – Do not use override to place holds

Some libraries have reported they are still seeing holds for libraries that have not yet opted in for Resource Sharing on their Onshelf Items pull lists. These holds were placed by staff using the No Holds Allowed Override. DO NOT use the override to place holds for your patrons, this causes a “no holds barred” instance that will put your patron to the top of the hold queue and allow non-holdable items to fill the hold.