Manage Hold Shelf Wizard replaces Clean Hold Shelf Report

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Added by Dawne Tortorella (07/13/2020 - 14:03) , last updated by Dawne Tortorella (07/13/2020 - 14:39)

SWAN procedures for managing items on the hold shelf which may have expired, been cancelled, or suspended have been modified. Starting immediately management of items which should be pulled from the hold shelf to return to circulation/hold for the next person in line should be done using the Manage Hold Shelf Wizard. 

There are many advantages in using this tool as outlined in the Manage Hold Shelf Wizard documentation on the support site. Please review this documentation and modify your previous procedures for Clean Hold Shelf Report to these instructions. 

If your circulation staff do not have access to the Manage Hold Shelf Wizard, under the Holds menu, please submit a help ticket to

Manage Hold Shelf Wizard.png