Grace Period Update - 7 days

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Added by Dawne Tortorella (09/15/2020 - 12:59) , last updated by Dawne Tortorella (09/16/2020 - 06:32)

To accommodate the 7-day quarantine period, all daily grace periods have been updated across SWAN to the following:

  • 0 day grace - updated to 7 day grace
  • 3 day grace - updated to 8 day grace
  • hourly grace periods - not modified

Grace periods impact overdue fines accrual. Fines are not accrued on the patron account during the grace period. Items checked in BEFORE the grace period expires, will not be assessed fines. Items checked in  AFTER the grace period expires, will be assessed the full fine amount. 

Libraries should clear items from quarantine using a check-in date associated with the day they entered quarantine. As part of your daily routine of checking in items that come out of quarantine, set the Checkin Date to the day the items entered quarantine. This ensures that no fines are assessed to patrons unless they exceed the grace period.

This change in grace period does not impact Fine Free libraries since fines are not assessed. 

To discharge items from quarantine:

  1. Select the Discharge Bookdrop wizard
  2. Enter Date of Checkin - to the day the items entered the quarantine process