OTRS Ticketing System

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OTRS is SWAN’s ticketing system. SWAN library staff may use the OTRS interface or email directly using help@swanlibraries.net.

Email Access

Opening a support issue with SWAN is as easy as sending an email with a subject and issue in the email body. The SWAN support system will automatically associate your library's email domain name with your customer, or "company" within the system.

Send an email directly using help@swanlibraries.net.

This method is the most widely used and perhaps the easiest, but it is not the most secure method for transmitting patron information. To ensure the most secure and full featured means of requesting help from SWAN, please refer to the Web Access section below.

Web Access

Member library staff can access the SWAN ticketing system via the online portal. The portal has these key advantages.

  • View all tickets submitted by your library through "My Company Tickets"
  • Secure submission within the HTTPS protocol
  • Create new ticket, setting a priority level, attaching screen captures/documents
  • Search all tickets submitted by library staff name, date, subject, or text

Login is the same you use for L2 or the SWAN support site: your work email address and L2 password. Your password can be reset via L2, but keep in mind the SWAN support site and OTRS reflect the change after 1 hour.

Go to SWAN Support System

Viewing My Library's Submitted Tickets

Only accessible via the web access method, you click on "Tickets" and the option to via "Company Tickets" will appear as a drop down menu or appear from the left side of the screen.


Once you are seeing Company Tickets, you can:

  1. Select tickets currently open, closed, or all (in both states or other states such as merged)
  2. Sort by state (closed, merged, etc.)
  3. Sort by age, which is displayed as days-hours-minutes depending




Searching My Company Tickets

The search feature within OTRS is useful in that you can easily sort through the hundreds of tickets submitted by your library.

A. Staff name submitting

B. State, meaning open, closed, merged, etc.

C. Date ranges for the past week, month, year, etc.


Creating New Ticket

The web portal allows you to fill out the form much as you would an email to SWAN help. The priority of the ticket can be set and attachments of JPG, PNG, XLS, etc. can be included.

  • To: field will provide 1 through 4 states of service. You can select the state you believe is best, but SWAN staff may re-categorize depending.
  • Priority: if you are selecting "5 Very High" we ask that you considering phoning SWAN at 844-792-6542