SWAN Board election results

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The election concluded this week on Monday and the final vote tally has elected 2 new representatives to the SWAN Board, with terms starting July 1st.

Charity Gallardo, Executive Director, La Grange Public Library
Tim Jarzemsky, Library Director, Bloomingdale Public Library

We would like to thank those library directors that were part of the 2021 election. It was exciting to see a large group run for the two open seats.

Dorothy Koll, Director, Acorn Public Library District
Jorge Perez, Director, River Grove Public Library District
Laura Maye Van Cleve, Library Director, Richton Park Public Library District
Colleen Waltman, Library Director, Homewood Public Library District
Anna Wassenaar, Director, Blue Island Public Library

We have an additional thanks to Stacy Wittmann, Eisenhower Public Library District,  and Julie Milavec, Downers Grove Public Library as outgoing SWAN board representatives.

The vote tally will be included in the June 3, 2021 minutes for approval at the September 2, 2021 SWAN Quarterly meeting, as part of our compliance with  the Open Meetings Act. For more detail on the SWAN Board, please see our Board Information page.