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*Important*: Temporary Suspension of eRC Harvests in Enterprise Catalog & Ongoing Enterprise Harvest Issues


***Update 10/18***

The remaining eRC harvests (Baker & Taylor Axis360, CloudLibrary and RBDigital) have all been reenabled. All eRC content on Enterprise should be current within the next day or so.

***Update 10/13***

As of Friday, October 13, all Hoopla and Overdrive harvests were running and auto-syncing to Enterprise profiles. We anticipate all eRC harvests to resume by Friday, October 20th.


***Update 10/10***

Our full harvests are running properly and our delta harvests are running on schedule now.

During the last couple weeks, we have been working closely with SirsiDynix staff in an effort to consolidate eRC harvest tasks. Both Hoopla and a significant number of our Overdrive harvests have been reduced from over 60 tasks down to two.

Over the next few days, we will be unsuspending the remaining eRC harvest tasks within Enterprise.


***Update 9/11*** 

Our full harvests have been running successfuly for the last several days.

This morning, we will be reenabling our delta harvests. These will run every two hours between 11AM and 7PM.

The delta harvests will populate Enterprise with changes made throughout the day.


***Original Posting 8/24***

SWAN Member Library Staff:

Over the last couple of months we’ve been working to find a resolution to ongoing Enterprise catalog harvest issues, noted in support posts on August 22nd and July 6th. After extensive investigation from SirsiDynix, we suspect the issue is possibly related to a high volume of eRC digital content harvests. We believe the current scheduling of eRC harvests is interfering with the standard maintenance schedule of our Enterprise catalog since both of those processes run on a single schedule.

That being the case, we’ve decided to temporarily suspend Enterprise eRC harvests for all of the SWAN libraries in order to investigate further.

The suspension of eRC harvests means the following…

  • A library’s current eRC collection subscription will remain in place in Enterprise, but titles will slowly become stale (any title additions or removals pushed from the vendor will not appear until harvests are unsuspended).
  • Patrons will still be able to checkout and return eRC titles through Enterprise, as expected, even as the harvests are suspended.
  • Patrons can always visit the vendor’s portal directly for the complete and current listing of eRC titles, and for full checkout/check-in functions.

Here’s our plan moving forward…

  1. 8/24 – Suspend eRC harvesting for the entire consortium, Enterprise delta harvests remain suspended
  2. 8/25-9/10 – Allow Enterprise full harvests to resume on-schedule, monitor for success
  3. 9/11 – Unsuspend Enterprise delta harvests, set at every 2 hours between 11am-7pm
  4. 10/10-10/20 – Slowly unsuspend eRC harvests each day, starting with a small selection of member libraries

We very much appreciate your continued patience as we work toward a resolution to this issue.


SWAN Library Services
800 Quail Ridge Drive - Westmont, IL 60559
Phone: 844-SWANLIB (844-792-6542)

Q&A Sessions for New 19 Migration Info, All are Welcome


You know that there are New 19 libraries migrating to may even be one of them. But do you feel like you're ready for the go-live in 2018? Do you know when the go-live is? SWAN has been preparing a number of ways to keep the membership and new libraries informed about the migration process, including a newsletter, content on our support site, visits to libraries, and now we're including Q&A sessions. Bring every query or comment you have, or that staff have been wondering, and we'll give you answers and explanations.

Any staff are welcomt to join one or all of these Q&A sessions. An agenda will loosely be based on the following topics: a timeline dive, testing prep and communications for testing procedures, the full migration training schedule, task forces, as well as an open question and answer session. Find out more event info using the L2 links below:

Wednesday, November 1 at 9:30 a.m. in the RAILS Burr Ridge Meeting Room:

Wednesday, January 10:

Wednesday, March 7:

Wednesday, April 4:

*Updated* New 19 Migration Memo: Policy Loads Scheduled for Oct 23 and Oct 30

Update: The policy load has completed as expected. The next policy load is scheduled for Monday, October 30th, from 4:00am–7:00am.

SWAN Library Staff—

We are nearing our first New 19 Migration Project Milestone! On Monday, October 23rd and Monday, October 30th from 4:00am–7:00am, SirsiDynix will be adding new library policies to SWAN's production server. While there is no downtime associated with this work, our policy loader will be performing a series of HIRs to complete the process. During this time, anyone logged into WorkFlows will be kicked off of the server as the system refreshes. We ask that you refrain from using WorkFlows during this time, but if you must be logged in, be aware that you may lose connectivity and will need to re-establish your connection to the server if you are logged out. This work will conclude by 7:00am on both days and we will send confirmation when the work is completed.

*Resolved* Enterprise Outage on 10/18

---Resolved at 2:45pm on 10/18---

We’ve received confirmation from SirsiDynix Support that the outage has been resolved. It appears to have been related to an issue with the EDS (EBSCO Discovery Service) integration, which ultimately resulted in a crash of the Enterprise servers for some EDS-subscribing customers. SirsiDynix has corrected the issue, so no further downtime is anticipated for this evening.

Thank you for your patience as the issue was resolved.


---Original Posting---

SWAN Member Library Staff:

We’ve received reports of intermittent outages affecting the Enterprise OPAC this afternoon and have contacted SirsiDynix support for further investigation. They’ve acknowledged a potentially widespread issue affecting many SirsiDynix SaaS-hosted customers and are looking into the issue now.

This issue is only impacting access to the Enterprise Catalog - no other services are affected at this time.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and will send additional SWANcoms as information becomes available.

Thank you,

SWAN Library Services
800 Quail Ridge Drive - Westmont, IL 60559
Phone: 844-SWANLIB (844-792-6542)

Weekly Serial Titles 2018

The serials records for SWAN's 'Weekly' titles are now available for use. If a periodical title appears on this list, please use these records for issues dated January 1, 2018 and later.

The titles and their control numbers can be found here: Weeklies 2018

If you want to transfer existing serial control records to these new bibliographic records, refer this document: Change Title Link Helper

In addition to creating these records, SWAN Bibliographic Services has also adjusted the existing Weekly serials records. Dates in the bibliographic records now reflect only the year represented by the attached items. This should improve search relevancy by giving prominence to bibliographic records for more recent issues in both WorkFlows and Enterprise.

Self Nomination form is now open for vacancies on the SWAN Circ Advisory Committee

The self-nomination survey form is now open for the SWAN Circ Advisory Committee 2017 election.  Please consider throwing your hat in the ring.  The process is very simple, just fill out the form including a brief statement about yourself and what you can bring to the table.   We have seven vacancies to fill including the new seat for a MAGIC or LINC staff member.   The form is open now and will close on Oct. 20th.  On  the 20th, I will create the ballot for the Circ Advisory Committee election using all the nomination statements that have been submitted.  SWAN/MAGIC/LINC members will then have until the 30th to vote.   

Thank you for nominating yourself, and remember now is not the time to be humble.  The survey can be found at:     

More information about the SWAN Circ Advisory Committee along with a list of current committee members can be found on our website : 


If you should have any questions, please contact SWAN Member Services at 844-SWANLIB.   

COW Meeting on Tues, Oct 17 at Oak Lawn to Discuss Memberhship Fee Recommendation

The agenda and packet are now posted for the meeting next week, Tuesday, October 17 at 9:30am at the Oak Lawn Public Library. This packet includes the recommendation, which was updated based on feedback for clarity and to reflect revised funding provided by RAILS. This meeting will be live streamed with chat participation. Information on accessing the event streaming is below.

The Meeting will be broadcast live at the website
Please note, this live stream will be of the presentation, not the audience. Chat will allow questions as meeting permits.

The packet includes online comments received to date, and responses. The online comment form will remain open and the Fees Committee will continue to review them, along with the SWAN Board. You can leave comments here from the SWAN Fees Committee webpage.