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*Required* Symphony WorkFlows Upgrade to Symphony by 7/14

The upgrade to Symphony and associated maintenance reports have concluded successfully! Feel free to login to WorkFlows at any time. Remember to upgrade your WorkFlows client and submit an online rerpot from the "software download" link below prior to Friday, July 14th.


Has your library completed the installation? You can find the survey results at the link below.

WorkFlows Update Completion Results


Should you encounter any issues with the new version, please email or call 844-SWANLIB (844-792-6542).

**Update at 7:30am on 6/13**

SWAN Member Library Staff:


----Original Posting----

SWAN Member Library Staff:

Overnight from Monday 6/12 at 10:00pm to Tuesday 6/13 at 6:00am, SirsiDynix will be upgrading SWAN’s Symphony ILS and WorkFlows from version to This upgrade will require intermittent downtime throughout the overnight hours, and the Enterprise OPAC My Account functions will also be inaccessible during that time. A banner will be posted to the Enterprise homepage to notify patrons.

Similar to past ILS upgrades, a new WorkFlows client will be required to take advantage of the new features and bug fixes; however, this client update is not required until AFTER the server upgrade has been completed on Tuesday, 6/13.

Following the server upgrade and go-live on 6/13, your current WorkFlows client will continue to function as expected - you simply will not have access to the new features and bug fixes. That being the case, there is no rush to complete the installation immediately afterward. SWAN will not be requiring client updates until after we’re live on on 6/13, and libraries will have up to one month to complete the update and submit a FormSite completion survey, which will be provided with the download link and documentation.


Important Notes:

If prompted, please do not click the “Update now” option from the WorkFlows client after go-live.

-          SWAN utilizes a customized setup MSI that incorporates additional features and functions. This setup MSI will also uninstall previous versions of WorkFlows automatically. One day prior to go-live, SWAN will release the new documentation and MSI via the support site at We request that you install this client after we’re live on on 6/13, but no later than 7/14.

-          Early installation of the MSI will not cause issues, although users will be prompted to downgrade their WorkFlows version when attempting to access our Production server (which is not necessary – this prompt can be ignored and they can still access the Production server).

-          If you do happen to click the "Update now" button, you may need to uninstall/reinstall your WorkFlows client later on for access to specific SWAN features.

A few advantages to the new Symphony version include the following:

-          Necessary report function for Auto Renewals

-          Expanded Signature Pad hardware support

-          Database Rebuilds have been optimized to run significantly faster

-          WorkFlows client runs on an updated Java JRE, improving security and reliability of the application


If you have any questions about the upgrade or encounter issues, please contact SWAN Support at 844-SWAN-LIB (792-6542), or submit a ticket via email through

An additional SWANcom with a link to the client and installation documentation will be sent on 6/12.

SWAN July Board Meeting Date Change

SWAN Member Libraries,

Due to meeting conflict, the date of the July SWAN Board Meeting has been changed to Friday, July 28th at 9:30 a.m. (originally Friday, July 21st at 9:30 a.m.). Full meeting details can be found on L2:

Thank you!

Results of 10-Second DUX Survey

SWAN Libraries—

The results of the DUX 10-second survey are below. We have added a new column to the Item Search and Display screen: beginning Thursday June 22, you will see a column dedicated to Format. We have decided to only add one new column at this time, but will be evaluating the addition of another at a later date. This change will not affect anything other than the information that displays in the Item Search and Display. The next survey will be available soon. 

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing

DUX Survey Results

Auto-Renewals and WorkFlows Upgrade

SWAN recently implemented auto-renewals, and we upgraded WorkFlows to  With that upgrade came some changes to Circulation Rules that are separate from the auto-renewal reports.  Even if your library opted out of auto-renewals, these changes will affect you.


For those that opted in, the auto-renewal report will renew any item eligible for renewal two days before its due date.

With the WorkFlows upgrade, “unseen” renewals are allowed three days before due date.


New facts about renewals since the upgrade to

  • Items now renew from the due date – not the date of the renewal
  • Patrons can only attempt to renew an item online (through the Enterprise catalog) beginning 3 days before the due date
  • Staff can renew an item in WorkFlows as “seen” anytime
  • Staff can only renew an item in Workflows as “unseen” within 3 days of its due date

For a more thorough explanation, please review the attached documentation.

Auto Renewals Feature Starting 6/14

Auto-renewals notices will be run beginning tomorrow morning, June 14th. It was necessary for SWAN to wait until the upgrade was complete to implement changes to 400 lines of the Circulation Map. Those changes will take effect after tonight’s Halt and Run. Then we can begin to run the auto renewal notices. After the auto-renewal notices are run, then the courtesy notices will run. Remember auto renewal notices only go out via e-mail. If patrons do not have an email address in their record, they can view their account online in the catalog to see if the due dates of materials have been extended. And remember, if something is not eligible to renew, it will not auto-renew.

We had investigated allowing patrons to update their email address in the “My Account” area in the Enterprise catalog, but have decided against it. The interface is far too confusing, leaving most people thinking they can edit all of the fields instead of just their email address. If there are improvements to the interface in the future, we will consider allowing editing then.

I know a number of you have asked which libraries have opted out of auto renewals. They are: Blue Island PL, Beecher PL, Eisenhower PLD, Franklin Park PL, Harvey PL, Indian Prairie PLD, and Schiller Park PL.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for this feature to be implemented. Have a good week.

Executive Director PowerPoint for 6/1 Quarterly Meeting Now Available

The presentation from last week's Quarterly meeting is available online for download and review. This presentation is an update on various SWAN projects, with their status and complettion. Included is an update on the grants awarded for the new 19 libraries, and the planned Symphony upgrade overnigtht on June 12 to the morning of June 13. The presentation concludes with an overview of the current state of the library integrated library system (or library services platform) and how SirsiDynix is arranged around software development of its 20 products.

High Demand Holds Report is here!

The wait is over! The long awaited High Demand Holds report is here. In order to run it, you will have to login to WorkFlows with REPORT/REPORT, and copy the High Demand Holds report. Attached is detailed documentation on how to run this report. You can also find a copy of this documentation on the SWAN website under Circulation Symphony WorkFlows under the Reports section, or follow this link.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions by submitting a help ticket to .